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Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku Set 2011 Ver. Part 1

The rare non-limited Racing Miku from Good Smile Company

Shifting from the review on a BB Senshi Gunpla the other day to a "SD" (Super Deformed) Nendoroid set this time. ^^

To me, Nendoroid figures are already the super deformed version of their normal-scaled characters, so the Petit series would be the super deformed version of the Nendoroid series itself. ^^

Nendoroid Petit Racing Miku Set 2011 Ver.
Production company: Good Smile Company
Release date: July 2012
Price: 3,619 Yen (exclusive of tax).
Merchandise link

As the set name indicates, this Racing Miku set is based off the design from four years ago, which can be considered outdated in the series I suppose. ^^; Since Miku changes her racing costume on an annual basis, it's difficult for anyone who isn't a hardcore fan of hers to keep track of the merchandises. ^^; I know that for each version, there are Figma and Nendoroid action figures bundled with additional items released as limited merchandise sets (very expensive ones at that ^^;), and fixed figurines which are usually given regular release. There are other merchandises that are part of the entire lineup as well, with some of them not released by Good Smile Company or Max Factory. Banpresto's SQ Figure version of the 2014 design is the only example that I know of, but I'm pretty sure there should be more out there. ^^

This Nendoroid Petit set can be considered as one of the unique releases in my opinion, since it was from Good Smile Company but a regular Nendoroid release (XD). Two of Miku's friends have been included to join with her in the team as well. ^^ I like the design of the figures individually and as a set, since they can be displayed together using the prize podium. ^^ It's a fun set of small-sized figures just like the Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set and Haruhi Summer Festival Set, although the theme is definitely not as crazy in comparison. XD

On a related note, I noticed that the Racing Miku series has expanded into motorcycle racing in recent years, but its releases are still restricted to the Figma series at the moment (I think ^^). The two releases from this "additional" EV MIRAI series are the 2013 and 2014 versions, since I went and ordered them when they were announced.

More and more alternate designs for Hatsune Miku are to be expected I suppose, but that development is not surprising at all. ^^

Front view of the box.

All the figures can be seen clearly through the front window of the box.

Product label.

Emblems of the Nendoroid Petit series and Good Smile Racing.

Closeups on the figures and the option parts as seen through the front window of the packaging.

Preview of all the characters in this figure set on both sides of the box.

Design of the top and bottom sides is very close to that on regular Nendoroid packages.

Introduction of the figures on the back of the box.

Comparison with the box of one of the many Nendoroid Hatsune Mikus in my collection: the "Shuukan Hajimete" version. ^^

Box open.


The smaller option parts and display bases for the figures are stored on a smaller tray that is separated from the main one.

Top view of the main tray.

With the clear cover removed.

A look at the figures and other option parts on the tray.

Rear view of the top tray.

Top view of the second tray.

With the clear cover removed.

Closeups on the small parts.

Rear view of the second tray.

A few folded instruction sheets and the waterslide decal for the race car are packed inside a plastic bag.

Content list and part separation instruction for Miku on one of the sheets.

Plenty of parts to detach/attach to swap between Miku's face parts for a Nendoroid Petit figure. ^^

A separate instruction sheet showing how to apply the waterslide decals onto the race car.

Another mini instruction sheet showing how to attach the figure's display stand to the prize podium. ^^

The waterslide decal sheet.

Closeups on some of decal pieces.

A simple pink background with white text for this Nendoroid Petit set, which has the same design as that in normal Nendoroids. ^^

Oddly enough, with so many separate instruction sheets on far simpler matters, a guide on the positioning of waterslide decals on the race car is not included, oddly. ^^;

A look at one of the figures plus one of the racing item coming up in the next posting. ^^

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