Sunday, October 18, 2009

1/100 Astray Red Frame Part 8

Watashi wa Astray Red Frame, I've returned!

Being keeping the panel-lined parts in the box for quite a while already. Time for the final assembly ^^

This is the part I love the most actually - all the parts ready to be put together. I would spread out the work on painting and panel-lining the parts to a long period of time, but for the final assembly, I would just pick one or two days and finish the work altogether.

Saving the best till the last, you can say.

Starting with the lower body first.

All the parts for one leg.
It would be much better if the polycaps are in red like the HG 1/144 scale version to be completely "Red Frame"

Components with the most details.

Has separate thigh joint for added articulation range for the leg, which has pretty much become the standard for today's 1/100 scale models, many kits from the HG series has this type of joint incorporated already. But back in 2004 when Astray Red Frame was released, this is quite a breakthrough.

Painting the interior of the knee armors in black has given more depth to that part ^^

Parts for the waist.

No details on the interior of the waist. ^^;

Lower body completed.

Can kneel pretty well thanks to the absence of front skirt armors.

More action poses to be shown in the future ^^

The cover on the front of the waist is movable.

Completion of the entire model in the next review. ^^


Chris said...

I was baffled when I noticed that you have started and finished assembling even MGs but left this in 'to be continued' stage. ^^;
Now for the finale, finally! ^^

Anonymous said...

Did you paint those parts? It looks like it since it doesn't have that plastic gloss.

Anonymous said...

the shoulder join is the most weakest join of all. the cube one that attach to the the arms.