Monday, October 19, 2009

1/100 Astray Red Frame Part 9

Watch my body

Continue from yesterday, assembling components of the upper body for 1/100 Astray Red Frame now:

Parts for the arm.

Has details for the shoulder joint, upper arm and forearm.

Very wide articulation range for the arm. There's a separate joint for the wrist, so it can bend a much wider range as compared to most other Gunplas that only rely on the ball-type joint of the wrist.

Parts for the body and backpack.

In before putting on the armors and backpack.

With armors and backpack on. As you can see, Bandai has designed details precisely for parts that might be exposed; parts that would be covered up are plain. ^^;

Since the backpack can be adjusted, plenty of details on the back can be seen.

The completed upper body before the head.

Those two large holes are for the beam sabers - probably the largest beam saber storage racks I've seen so far. ^^

Parts for the shield.

A standard shield used by many Gundam SEED era's Gundam like Strike, Duel and Astray Blue Frame.

Parts for the other weapons and hand units. No assembly required for the beam sabers actually. ^^

All the completed weapons, including the signature katana Gerbera Straight done a long time ago.

Parts for the head.

Head completed.

A quick view on the completed model.

One of the features of Astray Red Frame: backpack can be detached from the back to sit on the tail.

Applying the clear sticker onto the left shoulder armor and shield.

Astray Red Frame completed! ^^

More images of this kit in the next review.


Fabrizio said...

i think one of the most amazing Gundam i ve ever seen.
I d like to buy the perfect grade, but in Italy costs a lot O__o
nice work!!!!

Anonymous said...

The hands look plain maybe you should paint the joints white.

Jen Xi said...

Have you considered painting your kits? I'm thinking of trying spray painting on my next kit. No airbrush until I learn how to use it. ^^;

Fabrizio said...

@Jen Xi don't use spray painting, without airbrus, it takes a lot of paint and u dont control the paint into the surface of your gundam.
Eventually, use matt or semi gloss spray painting after u have placed decals or stickers, it seems painted.
and so u dont have rysk to "destroy" your model ^^
best regards^^