Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prelude to Singapore Trip

Revisiting after 4 years

I'll be in Singapore for three days for the Nuffnang Dotcom's first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Awards - actually the award will just be tomorrow, but I get the free accommodation of another two days after that, so an "emergency" vacation it is then. XD

This is going to be my first ever trip to a foreign land alone.

The timing of the trip isn't the best for me right now actually, as the workload I'm having is pretty hard in permitting me to enjoy the trip, but being a vacation I never had for quite a long while already, I seriously don't want to drag the shadow from my workplace to Singapore to haunt me there.

I'm feeling adventurous enough to attempt another last-minute-work-submission next week (Oh boy!) ^^;

I was in Singapore some 4 years ago for an intensive debate training with several of my friends. Being an advanced country, I'm sure Singapore right now isn't going to be the same as I remembered back then.

A very relaxed cat I photographed 4 years back. I wonder if he's doing well right now. ^^

I have no idea what to expect actually ^^

I just hope it won't rain (much) there in Singapore during my stay. I'm the type that likes to walk around (almost) mindlessly to discover my own treasure. ^^ See things here and there at my own pacing is the best way for me to relax.

Preparation so far:

Luggage - half OK.

Laptop - for working blogging

Pen drive - for working storing taken picture.

Money, passport & flight pass


Just kidding. XD

It's going to be during the award dinner tomorrow night at this time. It's pretty awesome to think about how everything is coming to pass after these few weeks of anticipation. Time really flies, in a rather scary way for me ^^;


Mendagu said...

Good Luck!

Tsukinari said...

good luck on ur Nuffnang blogger awards XD.. have a safe trip ^^ love the miyuki-san expression lol

wencong1356 said...

uh i dun think it will rain. the weather's SUPER HOT these days. and even if it rains, it will be less than an hour.

anyways, GOOD LUCK and welcome to Singapore ^^

John said...

Welcome! need any advice on places to shop for stuff?

CK said...

Good Luck and enjoy your stay here ! Do dress lightly, the weather is unbearable at times =)

Chris said...

"No, no, no!!"
lol Miyuki objects to travelling?

I would seriously consider bringing a Figma to vacation just for the fun of it. ^^

I was alone in Singapore last year for the first time too. I think you'll do just fine. Walking around shopping is great, especially because the LRT is so convenient.

May the force be with you then. Go and win it!

Anonymous said...

all the best !!!

Q said...

It's been far too long since I've last been to Singapore, and to be honest I have no memories of it. Hope you have a nice time in Singapore, and possibly getting gunpla from there too!

Haha you like walking almost mindlessly for stuff like me! I do that very often back in Hong Kong just wondering around shops ^^;

Evaritus Lau said...

All the best bro, & do review more gunpla shop over there. ^^

Lance said...


EXkurogane ~K'~ said...

Ooo... i planned to place some ads in my blog too but i had to work to make my blog more content... And hectic campus schedule, my parents gonna nag me again for blogging too much... XD

L said...

That's actually my wallet right there, how the hell did it flew to NK'shouse?

Anonymous said...

win and make malaysia proud!!!