Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random (72)

The one nobody cares about is the one I'm waiting for

Hot Toys released an image announcing a couple of upcoming new items to be expected from the company, something similar to what they did in early June this year. ^^

Among the movie superheroes in 1/6 and 1/4 scales, Ada Wong from "Resident Evil 4 HD" is the one I pre-ordered for when she was announced in late October 2012, and is pretty much the one nobody seems to care about all this while. ^^; As fans are busy complaining about the gazillion versions of Iron Man Hot Toys is making, and screaming about waiting so long for this and that, Ada Wong kind-of flew under the radar, with hardly anyone discussing anything about her release. ^^ If I remember correctly, I didn't see her featured in any of Hot Toys' exhibitions, or toy events, so it appears that she managed to elude the company's attention too. ^^

"So, what are we supposed to exhibit in this next toy event? Iron Man Mark XLII? OK! Make sure he gets the center spot. Iron Patriot? OK! Put him besides Tony Stark. Scar Predator? Of course! Remember to throw in that old Alien figure, and display them as a diorama. Ada Wong? Did we announce her?" XD

As with the same kind of announcement posted in early June this year, the news does help to give a more precise idea as to when certain figures are coming out. However, even when the final product is eventually shipped (in Hong Kong), and starts to pop up here and there on the Internet, there'll be some delay before it reaches my place. ^^ Then again, since the wait until now has been so long, some more waiting doesn't really bother me. ^^

Image is from Hot Toys.

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