Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam Part 9

Shoulder joints that are just as amazing as the weapons themselves

Some action poses from the just completed BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

There are two official weapon configurations for Kochu Gundam:

(1) Renryuga (連龍牙) - Kochu Gundam uses his dragon shoulder blocks to launch out a barrage of rapid-fired arrows towards his enemies. Kochu Gundam used this attack in the plamo comic to provide cover fire for the ground troops of Shou to advance in combat.

The two shoulder blocks, and a pair of arrows are needed for this weapon configuration.
The shield can take the shoulder block's place on the shoulder armor.

An arrow is pegged beneath either shoulder block.

The shoulder blocks are connected to the backpack using their respective side pegs.

Kochu Gundam is ready to launch his Renryuga attack. ^^

Blocked by the quiver, and shoulder armor-mounted shield, the two shoulder blocks sit high behind the Gundam.

With the quiver removed, and the shield reattached to the outer side of the left shoulder block, you can position the launchers much lower over the shoulders

The readjustment makes the shoulder blocks look more like a pair of cannons, instead of arrow-equipped towers behind the model. ^^

(2) Gouryu Goumeisen (昂龍剛鳴閃) - Kochu Gundam's finishing move. Kochu Gundam focuses his fighting spirit into one powerful arrow shot, before releasing it upon his enemy. ^^

All the backpack and weapon parts are needed to assemble this finishing move.

Like the configuration for Renryuga, the two arrows are pegged to the underside of the shoulder blocks.

The straight peg in front of either bow tip is used to attach the weapon to the back of each shoulder block, via the peg slot next to the attached arrow fletching.

The quiver, which becomes the targeting sensor of the combined bow, is attached to the straight peg on the left hand side of the weapon.

Done for Ryuurin Gouretsukyuu (龍燐剛烈弓). ^^

(Left) Having an actual clear part as the scope (see Part 5) definitely helps to reinforce the targeting sensor's image. ^^
(Right) Overall length of Ryuurin Gouretsukyuu: close to 22cm. For a BB Senshi kit, that's an overkill. ^^

The three backpack parts are reassembled to form a supporting platform.

The square tab in front of the platform is connected to a corresponding slot on the rear skirt armor.

Done for the supporting platform.

(Left) The left hand is detached from the model, and pegged onto the giant bow's handle. Instead of attaching the weapon to the hand, it's the other way round instead for Kochu Gundam. ^^
(Right) As a matter of fact, according to the instruction manual, the hand unit should be attached to the bow before the weapon is assembled. ^^;

The last arrow is equipped to the right hand.

With the giant bow-equipped left hand reattached to the forearm, the configuration for Ryuurin Gouretsukyuu is complete. ^^

Plenty of steps needed for the entire configuration, but the overall size of the weapon, especially its massive span, is most impressive. ^^

Besides the weapon components themselves, the ability of the left shoulder joint to support the holding of Ryuurin Gouretsukyuu is pretty amazing as well. ^^

If the left shoulder can do it, the right can too. ^^

Bonus features of the backpack and weapons parts coming up in the next posting, which will be the last one for this review series. ^^

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