Saturday, March 14, 2015

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A Sunday-only deal

Day 9 (March 8) - If it's a Sunday, and you love toys, figures, handicraft, antique coins, vintage stamps, unique drawings, basically all sort of collectibles, China Square Central's Flea Market is a place you have to visit.

Turned out that March 8 was a Sunday, and I was in Chinatown area as mentioned in an earlier posting, so the flea market was an obvious place for me to visit. ^^

Of course, everything was planned beforehand. ^^ There was a year when I went to Singapore but missed the flea market because Sunday wasn't part of my trip. ^^; Since then, including Sunday into my schedule so that I could visit China Square Central has become the norm for me.

China Square Central
18 Cross Street,
Singapore 048423.

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Max Wong said...

I enjoy going to China Square Central on a Sunday. Love the vibrant crowd and the kawaii display of the Western and Japanese anime!
Thanks for the post.
Max (milkcananime)