Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Random (117)

Getting souvenirs even before reaching Bangkok

Sawadee-kap from Bangkok! ^^

Mentioned in the previous posting that I wanted to continue to blog while being away on vacation, and while Internet connection isn't an issue since the moment I reached my hotel here in Bangkok, I guess I'm having too much fun with my time here and got too lazy to keep that promise even to myself. ^^;

Then again, I don't want to keep my blog idle until 10 days later, so instead of consolidating everything into one long posting everyday, I'll be releasing short ones that are fun and interesting (hopefully ^^;) every now and then to make sure there're continuously new postings to be seen on the blog. Longer postings with greater details can wait, since I would need to do a bit of research on the places, location, and specific points before I can blog about them. Those postings would be coming after I return home next week. ^^

The journey coming to Bangkok was a unique one, as I took a "detour" to Singapore before flying into Thailand. As a result of that, I went through three different airports last Saturday (28 February).

Kuching International Airport in the morning.

Flying into Singapore from Malaysia.

Singapore Changi Airport in the afternoon.

Managed to visit the city for a short while when I was in Singapore. ^^

Flying into Thailand from Singapore.

Don Mueang International Airport in the evening.

Night sky in Bangkok on my first day here. ^^

Had Pad Thai and spicy fried chicken with basil leaves for dinner.

Interestingly, because of the difference in time zone, I got to have one extra hour the moment I reached Bangkok. ^^

On a separate note, I managed to have a short meetup with Leon and Dennis while I was in Singapore for a couple of hours. Much thanks to them, I got myself some presents to bring home even before reaching my first intended destination. ^^

From Leon: Fantastic Toy Studio's Crater Base.

Front view of the box.

Rear view of the box.

Introduction and simple application images on the back of the box.


The Crater Base.

Closeups on the details.

My good old K800i from Sony Ericsson is standing in as a substitute display item to show off the display base.

Will be doing a proper review on this display base when I get home, but for those who are interested in getting their own Crater Base, you can contact Fantastic Toy Studio through their Facebook page, or via email at fantastictoystudio-at-gmail-dot-com

Also from Leon: a giant tote bag featuring the frame illustration of Master Grade Build Strike Gundam. ^^

From Dennis: ZZ Gundam's Core Fighter from Gundam Core Fighter Selection II, and a Gundam 20th Anniversary limited stationery set. ^^

My heartiest thanks to both Leon and Dennis for these lovely gifts, which really tempt me to spend money on Gundam stuff here in Bangkok, even though I repeatedly reminded myself on the trouble of getting them back home, based on past experience. ^^;

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LEon said...

If it is cheaper than getting in Malaysia for Gundam in Thailand, just get it but I doubt it would be tho.