Saturday, May 2, 2015

Transformers: Generations Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Class Starscream Part 3

So many many hinges

A look at the transformation design of Transformers: Generations Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Class Starscream after spotlighting its Cybertronian jet mode in the previous posting.

The two triple-barreled Gatling cannons need to be detached from the figure first.

The tip is folded ad tucked beneath the nose.

On the back of the jet, the legs are separated from the main body of the jet by detaching them from the pegs that are plugged into the back of the ankle area.

The waist section of the robot mode is unpegged from the main body of the jet as well.

The lower body of Starscream is flipped to the front of the jet.

A small claw on ether leg is flipped forward to complete the foot's look.

The semi-transformed figure can now be posed standing up. ^^

To transform the arms, they are first detached from one another by separating the peg connection near their elbows.

The shoulders are flipped outward using their respective shoulder block hinges.
The pair of overlapping shoulder fins help to push the other shoulder outward as you are flipping the first one. ^^

Another easier way to flip out the arms would be to push down on the panels right next to the wings. The panels are in fact the shoulder blocks that hold the arms. ^^

Both arms are now outside the main body of the jet mode.

The arms are straightened.

The temporary state of the overall transformation. ^^

The back end of the jet is folded downward for 90 degrees using the front hinge on top the chest.

The chest panels are initially tabbed into the backpack, and need to be lifted if they don't automatically pop loose from the previous step. ^^

The head and its neck base is flipped forward for 90 degrees, and pegged into its designated space.

The backpack is folded downward for 90 degrees using the rearmost hinge on top the body.

The two "scoops" that protrude above the backpack are detached from the hinge panel from the previous step.

A couple more steps to complete Starscream's transformation. ^^

The backpack is bent upward using the middle hinge on top the body, and then folded down onto the back again.

A large rectangular tab is inserted into its corresponding slot behind the waist to complete the body's transformation.

Either arm is rotated at its biceps for the open fist to be facing forward.
The arm can be further rotated if you wish for the elbow joint to be shown in front. ^^

Either wing can be bent backward for a slight degree to give it a more dynamic appearance on the figure. ^^

Starscream's head is rotated to the front, and the chest panels are pushed inward for about 45 degrees.

All done for Starscream's transformation. ^^

More images of Starscream in robot mode in the next posting. ^^

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