Friday, May 29, 2015

Transformers: Prime Robots In Disguise Decepticon Rumble Part 5

Small but very flexible

Moving on to the articulation design of "Transformers: Prime" Robots In Disguise Decepticon Rumble after focusing on its robot mode look and details in the previous posting. ^^


Turning the head to all directions is very easy.

The ball-type neck joint that enables the head's flexible articulation can be seen behind the head.

A full 360-degree swivel for the shoulder joint.

The shoulder needs to be adjusted downward for a slight degree at its ball-type joint so that the shoulder doesn't collide with the wing stored right behind it.

In most standard poses, the shoulder ball-type joint's application is very limited. ^^;

The shoulder joint's hinge however, allows each shoulder to be lifted from the side for a very wide degree.
In such an extended pose, the shoulder ball-type joint gets to display its full articulation potentials. ^^

With the shoulder joint slot facing forward, the arms can make use of the ball-type joint's flexibility for them to be bent to the front, and it's wide enough to give Rumble an arm-cross pose I believe. ^^

Biceps swivel.

Just 90 degrees for the elbow bend.

The double hinge connecting the roof half and the shoulder is useful in giving that shield-like component more display options. ^^

The roof half can be adjusted to become shoulder wing, or shield lowered onto the forearm thanks to the double hinge joint shown above.

There's one 5mm peg slot behind either shoulder that can be used to mount the pile driver.
It's a very interesting feature as it is not mentioned in the instruction sheet. ^^

The pile drivers can be mounted as shoulder cannons, or boosters, just like how they are used in vehicle mode. ^^

Due to the head revealing gimmick from the chest panel's transformation shown in Part 3, there's no waist swivel for Rumble. ^^;

Very flexible ball-type joints for the hips that allow Rumble to perform full sideways and forward splits. ^^

Separated thigh swivels also allow the legs to be rotated around the hip joints.

Thanks to its transformation design, Rumble enjoys a near 180-degree bend range for its knees. ^^

Very flexible ankle articulation for Rumble as enabled by its ball-type joint.

The ball-type joint is connected to a slot behind the outer leg panel.

With its super flexible hips, knee, and ankle articulation, performing a natural-looking kneeling pose is super-easy for Rumble. ^^

The figure's own short legs undoubtedly play their roles in supporting the figure's kneeling pose. ^^

Despite its small size (or perhaps it's due to that ^^), Rumble’s articulation design is extremely flexible. ^^ All things considered, even with the lack of a waist swivel taken as its limitation, Rumble is very much as articulated as an above-average action figure. ^^

Except for the fact that it also transforms. ^^

More action poses from this Transformers figure coming up in the next posting. ^^

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