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MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 Part 19 [Final]

Sharp improvement

In this last part of my review on MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0, I'll show you a bit of comparison between the model and some others. The highlight is of course comparison Ver. 2.0 with Ver. 1.0, with not much details I'm afraid, because Ver. 1.0 isn't exactly the best model out there with the strongest joints and structure, so I have no intention of breaking it apart to compare each piece to Ver. 2.0 ^^;

Comparison with MG Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. OYW and Gundam Mk. II.

Gundam Mk. II shown there is Ver. 1.o actually - I haven't started building Ver. 2.0 yet.

And comparing it with Zeta Ver. 1.0:

Ver. 2.0 is obviously taller, but the greatest difference between the two in my opinion, is how Ver. 2.0 is designed to be much sharper and thinner in most parts. This is very clear to see from the shield, waist, shoulder and feet. I would say the proportion is improved as well. You can see that the body unit of Ver. 2.0 is designed to be proportionally bigger (not just taller) than that of Ver. 1.0 so that it can look as close to a normal MS as possible even though it's transformable. The helmet is designed to be thinner, so that more of its face can be revealed.

By the way, do you know that Hajime Katoki-sensei was in charge of the conceptual design of MG Zeta Ver. 1.0? ^^

The V-Fin of Ver. 1.0 is made of soft plastic. You do get the option of using the "normal" type for them.

All the rounded edges are gone, so the feel is quite different between the two.
While Ver. 1.0's legs are bigger in size, they don't have inner frame to show.

Larger foot for Ver. 2.0, but surprisingly, all the details are exactly the same. ^^
Ver. 1.0's heel is transformable though.

As with the "sharp" redesign concept, the shoulder thruster and forearm, especially the red part near the elbow all not the same anymore between the two.

The waist is one of the components with the most changes applied.
The PG version is following the design from Ver. 1.0.

Longer and thinner wing binder for Ver. 2.0, and is a lot more complicated in terms of transformation as compared to Ver. 1.0

The thruster design of the rear skirt armor is totally revamped as well.

Longer and sharper shield for Ver. 2.0, which has two connectors added to the side for securing the wing binders' position during transformation. The obvious connector in front of the shield for the Hyper Mega Launcher on Ver. 1.0 is not inherited though. ^^

The beam rifle remains pretty much the same, though Ver. 2.0's has a larger muzzle.

Huge color difference between the two Hyper Mega Launcher, which doesn't really bother me. The more important part is that it's possible to use it in MS mode for Ver. 2.0. ^^ That's the much more important improvement.

Appearance-wise, Zeta Ver. 1.0 does have some sense of appeal as compared to Ver. 2.0, if you're not a fan of really sharp mecha design. I suppose Ver. 2.0 is set to reflect the mechanism of an actual transformable MS on a model kit, so everything is designed in that way - sharper and thinner so that the Waverider mode can be flatter and more fighter like, instead of just a Gundam in disguise XD

A win for MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 in articulation, inner frame details, secure position for various parts in MS and MA mode and better transformation. I won't put design though because both have different focuses. Ver. 1.0 has a LED installed for the tail stabilizer as well, a feature not available on Ver. 2.0.

And price of course, quite a big gap between Ver. 1.0 and 2.0. ^^; So there are some differences between the two that are not comparable. It's pretty much up to the fans in what they want in choosing between the two. ^^

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