Friday, June 4, 2010

Fixing MG Zaku II Part 3 [Final]

Standing on the ground Zaku II!

Part 3 of the restoration work on my MG Zaku II's hip joint is considerably much easier than the first two reviews, since there is no more new special tool required, just a little more on manual labor. ^^

The finish result of the hip concealed with putty from the last review.

Rough sanding with metal file tool first to get rid of the excess putty.
Harden putty is much harder than ABS plastic to sand. ^^;

The rough result from the rough sanding.

More refined sanding using Tamiya paper files 400, 600 and 800.

A much more smoother result after sanding with the paper files.

Painted the hip in gray using Gundam Marker Gray and everything is almost done. ^^
Definitely not the best paint job in my experience with Gundam Marker since I'm more eager to see the result than to paint carefully. ^^;

When the paint dried, the time has come to put everything together (again).

Hip joint fix successful.
Now he can stand properly. ^^

And that's really to show off his fixed joint there. XD

Back in action it seems.

Since the "new" joint follows the undamaged one on the opposite side in terms of size and distance from the base, he will of course be able to use Action Display Base 1's connector.

Almost as if nothing had ever happened to his joint there XD

Comparison with MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0. I still prefer the darker shade of green molded for Ver. 1.0 over the lighter scheme on Ver. 2.0.

And so, happy ending for the broken joint issue which plagued my mind every time I think about my old models. Seeing him back on his feet again is really a great joy for me. Since he doesn't move as well as other newer models thanks to the constraint of the skirt armor and rather weak articulation design, being able to stand properly is very important to show him as a completed kit. ^^

More importantly, I'll exercise more care in dealing with these older models from now on to avoid something as terrible like this from happening again. On the other hand, there's this relief that even if that happens, I've more tools and tricks than before to save them. ^^

Some other work on repairing other more minor damages on older models will be covered future postings. ^^


Anonymous said...

OMG, nice work!

Joe said...

Your Zaku appears so triumphant! Great work!