Thursday, June 10, 2010

BB Senshi Exia Part 8

Loss of elbow articulation not really a big issue

Putting on all the components to complete BB Senshi Exia:

The basic form.

To be fitted with the GN Sword, GN Long and Short Blades and shield.
Two new parts - the mount racks for the GN Long and Short Blades shown there.

The weapons are attached onto the forearms via tabs.

Same design for the GN Long and Short Blades' mount racks as well.
The result from this - non-movable racks that will turn out to be pretty troublesome for action poses later on.

Gundam Exia Seven Sword. ^^

Action poses with the two blades are removed.

All the action shown in the manual are without the blades actually.

GN Sword BB Senshi ver. XD

A pin slot beneath the waist is designed to attach the model to Action Display Base 2.

As it turns out to be, the omitted elbow joint didn't turn out to be an issue for BB Senshi Exia in terms of its action at all. ^^ Maybe I'm a bit biased for saying that, since I like the MS very much, and almost all of its poses look cool to me. ^^ Without the elbow joint, all the articulation for the arm is controlled by the ball-type joint located in the shoulder, and it's doing quite an impressive job I think. All the poses for the arm don't feel awkward at all.

More images in the next posting, which will be the last part of the review for BB Senshi Exia.

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