Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 Part 18

No landing gear?

More images of MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 in its Waverider mode after the transformation yesterday.

As it turns out, there's no landing gear included for Zeta Ver. 2.0, which is somewhat a surprise to me. All the hatches for the landing gears - one on the shield and another two on the wing binders were designed to be removable in the first place, so all Bandai needed to do is to include three more parts for the respective landing gears and that's all, but none is included. It seems like one is suppose to display the Waverider only with the display base.

Still, it's very myterious really, come to think of it. ^^; The hatch on the shield is still usable when the Hyper Mega Laucher comes in, but the other two landing gear hatches on the wing binders are not being used in any way at all even though they are removable. ^^;

Adjusted the mount rack of the display stand to enable it to mount the Waverider.

A splendid view. ^^ But I wouldn't want to burden the display stand too much by putting the Waverider onto it too long.

"Transformation" for the Hyper Mega Launcher is basically closing all the handles and covers and retracting the top part into the body.
The body of the launcher is also retracted.

A tab beneath the launcher is flipped out, which will be used to mount the weapon to the bottom of the Waverider.

The hatch on the shield is moved to the front to unveil a slot for the launcher's tab to fit into. Another fixed tab on the launcher needs to be fastened to the bottom of the shield to secure the entire component.
The design of the launcher streamlines the shield completely. ^^

No change to the display base with the launcher mounted.

Oops, the tail of the launcher is hitting the stand there in this position. ^^; The level of the mount rack can be adjusted to avoid this problem, but then the Waverider would be too high in its launching position and only the bottom part would be seen most of the time.

The saber saber, which becomes the beam gun in Waverider mode can be deployed.

Can create a scene with the two figures included.

Comparison with MG Zeta Ver. 1.0 in the next review, which will be the last one for this MG. ^^


L said...

No Zeta Zaku? ;_;

Anonymous said...

Do me a favor.
Compare the zeta 1.0's connector joints to the Zeta plus on the arms, shield, and gun including the 2.0's as well.

Unknown said...

Maybe the landing gears of the ver. 1.0 are compatible with the 2.0?

frank said...

just want to point out ver. 2.0 is a improvement of the ver. 1.0. they are not designed to be "different" like you mentioned. The original's rounded design came right off the original art work by Kunio. The ver. 2.0 came around before the launch of the three "a new translation" movies. The designed is touched up to be better proportioned and fixing all the loose joint issue and posable issues of the first version that came 10 yrs ago. the original was modeled too short.

i built my ver. 1.0 almost 13 yrs ago now. lol and i have the white unicorn as well as the regular ver. 2.0. :)

canopy said...

Fufufufu, this review makes me want to get the Zeta ver 2.0. Hey bro, which one do you prefer, the HD or normal version?