Monday, June 7, 2010

MG Zeta Ver. 2.0 Part 13

Back to the old formula

Assembling "the rest" of MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 after the weapons, arms, wing binders and legs in the previous two reviews.

Quite a lot of parts for the waist since there are going to be quite a bit of twists and turns for the hip and side skirt armors during the transformation.

design of the rear skirt armor, as well as the thrusters are completely different from Ver. 1.0.

Quite a lot of parts it has, but the "real" frame is just the hip - the core joint in the middle.
Also, the side skirt armors connect to the hip joint, so they will require the thigh joint to keep them in place.

Beam saber mount rack is of course movable.

Completed lower body with the legs attached.

Can kneel pretty well despite the long legs. ^^

Of the three, only the mechanic crew member requires assembling - attaching the arms to the body.

Assembly of the body will be broken into several components:

Parts for the core, or spine if you like.

Plenty of hinges all over the gray part as you can see. They are joint spots for the shoulder, wing binders, and in the middle, for the abdomen.
The neck is on an adjustable lever as well.

Assembling the abdomen.
The abdomen will "shrink" into the body during transformation.

All parts for the chest.

The pilot cockpit.

Completed the chest component.

Cockpit hatch can be opened pretty widely if you like to do that. ^^

Connecting the chest to the core block.
The same design for both MG Ver. 1.0 as well as MG Double Zeta Gundam. ^^

Details on parts of the chest and core block all revealed when view from beneath. Only during transformation though.

Shoulder blocks and joints for the wing binders.

Body unit completed.

The movable shoulder joints will allow the arms to be bent to the front.
A new articulation point not available in Ver. 1.o as well as the PG release.

Completed upper body with the shoulder armors and arms attached.

A "plain" version fo Zeta - without the wing binders and tail stabilizer doesn't look too bad in my opinion. ^^

Apart from the two joints from the body, the wing binders also connect to the tail stabilizer to really secure their position.
This is another adapted design from the PG version.

All parts for the head.

Foil stickers used for the main camera, rear sensor and eyes.

Completely done! ^^

More images of this completed MG in the next review.


L said...

NK, see if you can use the head of Zaku II Ver. 2.0 on Zeta Ver. 2.0's head for the famous Zeta Zaku. ^_^

L said...

I meant body not head.......

Unknown said...

man i love your technique.