Saturday, June 19, 2010

S.I.C. Vol. 48 Kamen Rider Gaoh & Kintaros Imagin Part 2

So many things, for show only

Unboxing S.I.C. Vol. 48 Kamen Rider Gaoh and Kintaros Imagin, plus an introduction of all the accessories in this posting.

Majority of the parts and accessories are placed on the top plastic tray. There are a few more on the bottom tray.
A combination of string and clear tape is used to keep everything in place.

Parts for the two figures are clearly separated on the left and right sides of the tray.

The manual is taped to the back of the golden paper card, which is somewhat a surprise to me - usually the manual and other sheets are placed in a plastic container taped to the back. ^^;

Some important steps on how to dismantle GaohGasher, Kamen Rider Gaoh's sword is shown in the manual.

A look at the rear side of the two plastic trays.
Some items on the bottom tray can be seen there.

As mentioned, only a few items are on the bottom tray. ^^

Kintaros Imagin has a separate protective plastic tray over its body. Thanks to Kamen Rider Gaoh's spikes on the chest, the volume between the two figures is not the same. The extra tray is to keep Kintaros's body to be on the same level as Kamen Rider Gaoh inside the box.

Size comparison between GaohGasher and Kintaros Imagin's ax can be seen there ^^

The many strings used to bind the two figures onto the tray.
Quite a lot, yes, but surprisingly, it's actually less than the number of string used on Kamen Rider Blade.

All the parts on the top tray:

While they are huge in size, both weapons are extremely light since there's no die-cast part used at all, which is a good design actually. Lightweight weapons support greater action poses. ^^

GaohGasher has awesome design and details, and the design of the wrapping on the handle of Kintaros Imagin's ax shows the designer and sculptor's careful effort as well.

A look at the other accessories on the top plastic tray: paper and pad, ink stamp, brush and packet yogurt (?) for Kintaros Imagin, two blade parts for the dismantled GaohGasher when on the belt and the Infinity Card for Kamen Rider Gaoh.

Picture of a cute little animal of some sort can be seen on lid of the packet yogurt. The back of the Infinity Card has some clearly printed details as well.

4 and 8 option hand units for Kamen Rider Gaoh and Kintaros Imagin respectively.

Peg joints for the wrist instead of ball-type this time. The closed fists and the spread palms have different angle of articulation for the joints.

Option hand units for Kintaros Imagin. A left hand unit to perform Kintaros Imagin's signature entrace of popping his neck is included. ^^
That move is often overused in the series I think. XD

All the parts on the lower tray. Towel, Naomi's coffee, a small doll figure and the three tools for exercise: hand gripper, dumbbell and barbell belong to Kintaros Imagin. The drumstick works for both figures I suppose XD

The drumstick has very realistic details with gradient painting on the bone part. The doll figure and Naomi's coffee as you can seem, are painted with unbelievable details and
in great accuracy.

The whole set is almost like a package of tiny art work put together. Some of the items like the calligraphy set, exercise tools, yogurt and even the drumstick would work very well on other figures I think. Considering Kamen Rider Gaoh and Kintaros Imagin only wield one specialized weapon each, and that they don't have as many significantly memorable scenes since they are not the main characters, having so many accessories is in place, but still very awesome. ^^

Kamen Rider Gaoh is up next. ^^

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