Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BB Senshi Exia Part 7

First assembled GN Sword ^^

Time to fix the little guy. ^^

This BB Senshi version will be the first Exia for me to assemble the painted GN Sword. ^^ Let's see how it's going to turn out. ^^

All single-piece parts for the GN Long and Short Blades, beam saber and dagger and shield.

Turns out that the GN Sword is the one weapon that requires assembly.

GN Sword in Rifle mode.

GN Sword in Sword mode.
The joint allowing the sword to swing forward is pretty tough.

Parts for the arm and shoulder armors.
Expect for the wrist, the design is the same as BB Senshi Sangokuden kits.

Completed arm units. No elbow joint. ^^;

Very few parts for the legs.

Completed leg units. As compared to BB Senshi Sangokuden kits, the legs are designed to fit into the hip joints. For BB Senshi Sangokuden kits, the joints go into the waist directly.

Parts for the removable GN Drive. Foil stickers will be used for the "color" of the drive, to be determined by the single coin-like part shown right in the middle.

Green on one side - normal mode, and red on the other side - Trans-Am mode.

The completed GN Drive.

Parts for the body. The polycap should be turned the other side up as compared to that shown above for the actual assembly.

Completed body unit without the GN Drive.

And then the GN Drive is inserted from the back into the body just like this.

Fit just nicely. ^^
Not really detectable that it's removable from first glance. ^^

Parts for the waist.
The front skirt armors have been separated in the middle.

Completed waist unit.

There's a tab on the groin to prevent the front skirt armor from sliding backward, which I think is a really nifty design. ^^

Parts for the head.

The rear sensor is painted with Gundam Marker Eye Green, a new marker for me.

Foil stickers for the eyes, the GN Condensers and the sensor on the forehead.

With clear green parts and ears assembled onto the helmet and mask placed onto the face.

The head is completed.

More images of the completed BB Senshi Exia in the next review. ^^

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