Monday, July 16, 2012

Kotobukiya's MSG MW-28 Impact Edge Part 2

Black and silver don't mix, oh wait, they do

Working on more parts from Kotobukiya's M.S.G. Weapon Unit MW-28 Impact Edge after the previous posting. ^^

Parts of the nail, rod inside the body and magazine will be painted.

The parts are painted with a new paint I recently acquired. ^^
Very nice shiny black paint with metallic texture. ^^

Gaia Metallic Color No. 020 Gun Metal.
The paint was originally meant for this weapon set only, but I'm sure it would come in handy for other model kits one day. ^^

Already shown in the previous image, the sharp point of the nail is painted using Gaia Metallic Color No. 9 Bright Silver.

The magazine is painted with Gaia Metallic Color No. 020 Gun Metal as well.

(Left) Black panel lines are not going to be seen on parts painted in black (^^;), so I thought silver lines would be best to compliment the parts painted in Gun Metal just now.
(Right) The paint used is Tamiya Enamel Paint X-11 Chrome Silver. It's a "safer" option as compared to Gaia Metallic Color No. 9 Bright Silver, because cleaning off excessive paint using enamel thinner will not affect the Gun Metal paint layer, which is acrylic-based. ^^

Done for the three parts. ^^

Those hollow spots on the back of the fixed lever part are really an eyesore, ^^; so even though they aren't going to be visible most of the time when the weapon unit is assembled, I've decided to cover them up.

(Left) The hollow spots are filled to the brim using Tamiya Epoxy Putty Quick Type. ^^
(Right) With the most immediate excessive putty shaved away using toothpick.

Will give more time for the putty to completely harden before proceeding to the next round of work.

On the other hand, I really love the effect of Gun Metal paint on the parts completed just now. The paint effect is very nice to look at. ^^ Gun Metal itself is a mix of black and silver paint really. I can see that really thick "congregation" of silver paint (XD) at the bottom of the bottle.

Speaking of which, I can't help but to feel a bit amused with the paint work on the two nail parts. ^^ The main paint used is Gun Metal (premixed black and silver paint) while the tip of the nail is painted silver, as with the panel lines on the part. Three types of paints are used for these two parts, but the two colors that are either mixed or separated on purpose are just black and silver. ^^

No worries, there'll be plenty more Gun Metal and silver paint work to be applied when I paint the claws next. ^^

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