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Kotobukiya's MSG MW-28 Impact Edge Part 1

Shortened Predator wrist blades

Back to work on another model kit after the review of Garo Kiwami Damashii Garo, but it's neither Gunpla nor Keropla this time, but a new Kotobukiya M.S.G. Weapon Unit instead. ^^

Front view of the package

Weapon Unit Impact Edge MW-28.

This is the second set I got from the M.S.G. Weapon Unit series after MW-20 Gatling Gun. ^^

Released in April this year together with MW-26 Dynamic Chainsaw and MW-27 Impact Knuckle, the design is a pair of claws that can be expanded via old-school spring and trigger action. ^^ MW-27 Impact Knuckle has the exact same design, except that the claws are replaced by a giant fixed closed fist in that set.

I didn't pay much attention to this weapon set when it was first announced actually. The spring action can be seen in BB Senshi releases decades ago as a very generic gimmick for their projectile weapons, so it's a little old hat for me. ^^ However, after some time and looking at more images of the claws, the design really grew on me. ^^ While they look more like Zee Zulu's Iron Nail in "Gundam UC", the slits (serrations?) on the spine really remind me of the wrist blade used by Predator, a weapon design I totally adore. ^^

The wrist blade design of the title character from the original "Predator" released back in 1987.

When I started imaging the color scheme I can put on the claws, that imaginative "connection" between the two weapons gets even stronger. The spring action is just icing on the cake really, since the Predator's wrist blade has similar gimmick as well. ^^

So, unlike MW-20 Gatling Gun, paint work and detailing will be applied to the parts in this weapon set, especially the claws to realize their awesomeness according to my imagination. ^^

Apart from the claws, the optional weapon included to replace the claws, which can also utilize the spring gimmick is a giant nail (?), which is called Pile Bunker (? - パイルバンカー) I think. Then again, who cares about a giant nail when the main weapon is already ready cool. ^^ For your information, this optional extra is available on MW-27 Impact Knuckle as well.

Rear view of the package.


All three runners for the M.S.G. Weapon Unit set.
Unlike those in MW-20 Gatling Gun, all the runners have proper alphabet labeling, which is really not that necessary given how few the parts are anyway. I think the labeling is meant more to distinguish the runners for the variation release of MW-27 Impact Knuckle.

(Left) Large part for the body.
(Right) Some molded details on the giant nail's arm.

(Left) One-piece part for the magazine, which would be used as the spring gimmick's trigger.
(Right) Parts for the giant nail.

Fixed lever (?) to be assembled at the back of the weapon. Those hollow spots behind the parts are really unfortunate by-products of the one-piece molding treatment. ^^;

Not as sharp as some of the weapon parts in older S.R.W.O.G. and HMM Zoids kits released by Kotobukiya, but those claws do look pretty fearsome to me. ^^

A large one-piece rack to contain the claws.

The package's backdrop is the assembly guide.

(Left) Instruction on assembling the spring.
(Right) The magazine is the spring gimmick's trigger.

Instruction on how to fire the spring-loaded weapon, shown with the giant nail on the guide.

Only two claws are used for the spring action, the other two claws are stored beneath the main pair as shown in the picture from the assembly guide above.
All four claws can be deployed as a giant grasping weapon it seems. ^^

All the parts are removed from their runners.
As the part count is low, I didn't bother doing my usual organization for the different components. ^^

As mentioned earlier on, I will be detailing and painting the parts in this weapon set before assembling it. That's something I didn't do for MW-20 Gatling Gun actually. ^^; Since the part count is low, some minor parts can be treated first instead of starting the whole work after this posting. ^^

The pair of little pegs that connects the claws can be enhanced for better display of details. ^^

Using Tamiya Handy Craft Saw, simple line details are created on the two pegs. The lines are arranged to mimic the head of a slotted screw. ^^

Painted the parts using Gundam Marker Gold.

Same treatment for another connector part for the claws.

All done with the little bit of detailing work on the two parts. ^^

Will be working on more parts from this weapon set next. ^^

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wildflug said...

I love what you did for the peg connectors for the lower knives, I wish you could have done yours sooner before I finished mine so I could have I copied it XD

I used the Impact edge for a customized version of my Flint