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Figma Haruhi School Summer Fuku Ver. Part 4 [Final]

Yuki from a parallel universe

More action poses from Figma Haruhi School Summer Fuku Ver. after the previous posting. ^^

While this is the fourth Haruhi in my collection, I do merchandises of other characters from the anime series. ^^ However, for normal scale action figures (not figurine or Nendoroid I mean), Figma Haruhi is just the second one that I have, after Revoltech Fraulein Nagato Yuki. ^^

From a different series produced by a different company, Revoltech Fraulein Nagato Yuki is of a different scale as compared to Figma Haruhi. ^^; The size discrepancy is well anticipated as I already did a comparison between Figma and Revoltech Fraulein figures back in the review of Revoltech Fraulein Yoko Movie Ver., but it's still pretty disappointing though. ^^; You'll have to get the figures from the same series in order to have them as a set. Then again, certain costume versions are not available for either Figma or Revoltech Fraulein. There's no Haruhi in school costume for the latter, and Figma has yet to release Haruhi in Bunny suit to match Revoltech Fraulein's release in that costume version.

Getting them all is perhaps no big deal for fans of Haruhi, but the small size difference that separates the two series and prevents all the figures from having a uniform scale is quite unfortunate. ^^;

Haruhi seems to care very little about that anyway. XD

With her Nendoroid equivalence. ^^

I really like this Figma figure. ^^ Putting my liking towards the character aside, this is a very well made action figure. ^^ Even though it's an older release by today's date, the age doesn't seem to affect its quality at all. The details are accurate to the character design in the anime series, and the flexible range of articulation incorporated gives you tons of posability and playability. ^^

In terms of accessories, the first release version with the makeshift loudspeaker and "brigade chief" armband would be able to project more iconic images of Haruhi as seen in the anime series, but I think the accessory list for this version is pretty good nonetheless. The option head part with ponytail gives Haruhi a different look which I like very much. ^^

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