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MG Zeta Plus Part 12 [Final]

Useless talents 57, 88, 101 and 142

The last posting for MG Zeta Plus already. ^^

Going back to some more action poses from the model kit after Part 9:

The beam cannons that really weren't shown in Part 9. ^^;

Box art pose. ^^

Not that great at all when the viewing angle is changed. ^^;

Bringing out its "brother" unit (^^) - Zeta Plus C1 for a comparison. ^^

Identical components shared by the two:


Chest and beam cannons


Tail stabilizer


Variations between the two:

Front skirt armor.

Zeta Plus C1's shield is integrated into its beam smart gun.

Extra thrusters that are coupled to the tail stabilizer's base.

A pair of fuel tanks that are attached underneath each wing.

Also, a not-so-formal comparison with the MG Ver. 2.0 release. ^^

Part of the major changes implemented on MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0 is the overall look that is more rigid and polygonal, which is closer to its appearance as seen in the "New Translation" trilogy, but quite different from earlier versions of Zeta Gundam model kits mentioned on and off in this review series. The comparison between the two MG kits is not exactly valid then, ^^; since their overall appearances are not at all similar anymore.

And an even more informal comparison with its BB Senshi Sangokuden version, Rikuson Z Plus which was built and reviewed three months ago. ^^

As with all BB Senshi Sangokuden characters, various details may be different between the two, but certain similarities can still be observed between the two. ^^ It's actually quite fun to identify those points and try to figure out how they were re-imagined into BB Senshi Sangokuden designs. ^^

On a separate note, I mentioned in Part 9 of the review that there are not many action poses that you can adjust with this kit. That's only true if you don't go for the silly ha-ha route. XD The absence of front skirt armor, flexible knee joints catering for the Waverider transformation gimmick, and very sturdy joints powered by tight polycaps, ABS hard plastic and even screws and nuts in certain components are supposedly really awesome factors to facilitate some coolsome action poses. ^^ Unfortunately for Zeta Plus, the lack of a movable waist, weapons that are rather inflexible to pose do not help at all to boost its posability.

When the waist issue and weapons are discarded, the model kit can actually do some really crazy stuff. XD

You probably won't imagine that such poses are possible with a Zeta Gundam-type model kit that contains components designed for its transformation gimmicks that might not be supportive of its posability, coupled with wings and tail stabilizer sticking out on its back that look like they would get in the way when you're adjusting some crazy poses. ^^; Zeta Plus seems to be facing no such problems at all. ^^;

Then again, like I said, you only get that advantage if you go with the just-for-fun poses. ^^

Forget all that, the Wave rider mode is still my favorite form of display for this MG kit. XD

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