Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sci-fi Revoltech Woody Part 3

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A look at Sci-fi Revoltech Woody's articulation design and gimmicks after the previous posting. ^^

Horizontal tilt can be done very easily.

Due to the upper neck joint's placement inside the head, vertical tilting to the side of the head seems to be possible.

(Left) Unfortunately, on the toy itself, much of the joint's movement space is blocked by the face part, so the head can only be tilted to the side for just a slight degree.
(Right) Bending the head upward (or downward) is very easy, and the movement can be seen very clearly too, thanks to the two neck joints that permit such a wide movement range. ^^

A closer look at the two Revoltech joints enabling all the head's movements.

Very wide shoulder articulation range since there's no special attachment of any sort on Woody's shoulders to block such movement. ^^

Unfortunately, the part design of the sleeve at elbow level restricts the range the elbow can be bent. This is as wide as the latter can go. ^^;

Side-to-side and forward-backward movements are enabled by the Revoltech waist joint.

A closer look at the Revoltech waist joint.
This is the joint design I was hoping for Predator actually. It's very simple in design, doesn't expose a huge blocky part in front and behind the body, but the range of movement enabled by this design looks just as flexible. ^^;

The hip, knee and ankle are all powered by Revoltech joints. ^^

The ankle joints are exceptionable flexible. The hip and knee joints on the other hand, suffers from the same issue as the elbow joint. The part design at hip and knee levels restrict how much the joints for the two can be bent. ^^;

Adjustment here and there to the lower body's joints and a nice kneeling pose is still possible with Woody. ^^
You can see that the left hip joint is somewhat struggling there to connect the thigh to the hip. ^^;

Overall, the articulation design on Woody is pretty good I would say. While the elbow joint being restricted by the sleeve part is quite a disappointment, it's a minor one anyway. And with the design of Woody's shirt, I guess a tradeoff between the articulation and better look at elbow level that leans towards the latter is fair. Wider range of movement for the elbow would probably mean that the joint would have to be made to be more exposing, which would affect the grid pattern on the sleeve. Given how the figure's appearance always seemed to get the emphasis in areas where similar tradeoffs are required on Alien and Predator, I'm not surprised by the same feature on Woody.

Some action poses of Sci-fi Revoltech Woody after the introduction on its articulation design:

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Woody's articulation design is in the "good" tier in my opinion. He moves a lot better than the two Sci-fi Revoltech figures mentioned above, and the action poses are a lot easier to adjust as well. ^^ All the joints used on Woody are Revoltech joints actually, and that design itself is already something very different as compared to Alien and Predator. The eyeball's movement is excluded from this little joint count of course - I see that as a gimmick and not part of the articulation design, even though technically the eyes do move. ^^;

The option face part with the creepy expression has yet to make its appearance. ^^

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