Saturday, July 7, 2012

MG Zeta Plus Part 8

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The return to the review of Master Grade Zeta Plus after Part 7 begins with a collection of photos featuring the completed kit: ^^

Closeups on the details:

[Head and body]

[Arms and weapon]



[Wings and tail stabilizer]

[Pilot cockpit]

Except for the wings, Zeta Plus looks amazingly close to its predecessor unit. ^^ Variations in design are cleverly weaved into all the components, but are subtle enough to not alter the look too much. ^^ The beam cannons on the hip looks like the beam sabers that stored inside the side skirt armors of Zeta Gundam, and they function in similar way in Waverider mode too, but their designs are obviously different. Discarding the color scheme used, the legs look almost identical to those on Zeta Gundam, but the mesh pipes used for the knee joint is something special and different about Zeta Plus. The face design is virtually the dame between the two, but the overall helmet design separates them apart. ^^ The beam rifle shares the length of the same weapon used by Zeta Gundam, but the details are obviously different. A lot of design elements are different between the two Zetas, but it's unmistakable that they come from the same family. ^^ That similarity and contrast in design is one of the reasons I like this unit very much.

Orange-ish red plus white is not exactly my favorite color combo for a Mobile Suit at all, but for that really nice color contrast as seen on the legs (especially), wings and tail stabilizer, I'll give the colors a pass. ^^ Assembling those components was really fun, since I got to see how the parts of different colors come together. For Zeta Plus C1 which I assembled long before this kit, the entire kit is in gray so the color separation was unclear. For Zeta Plus, that couldn't be any more clearer with parts for the front and rear leg armors, vents designed to be in different colors molded onto different runners initially. ^^ The MS's color isn't that great in my opinion, but the execution of this MG kit to realize that color scheme is very nice. ^^

And decal featuring Amuro's insignia? What decal? Never heard of that before. XD

Moving onto some limited action poses from this kit in the next posting. ^^

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