Sunday, July 22, 2012

Keropla God Keron Part 7

Total paint work

More work on Keropla Tamama Robo Mk-II, particularly its candy-like thrusters after the previous posting. ^^

Paper clips are used to hold the parts before the paint is applied.

(Left) The thrusters' body area on four parts (two sets) are painted blue.
(Right) I have no blue bottle paint actually. The paint used is actually a mixture of paints from Gundam Marker Blue and White (just a bit) plus a bit of solution from Mr. Retarder Mild for better-looking paint result.

To match the red thruster sets' color to the other areas on Tamama Robo Mk-II completed in the previous posting, the thrusters' body is painted using the same paint - Gaia Color No. 003 Bright Red Gloss.

A gathering of all eight painted parts. ^^

The thruster nozzles' exterior is painted using Tamiya Color Acrylic Paint Mini XF-53 Neutral Grey.

As careful and slow as I did when I painted the body, some minor spill overs are hard to avoid. ^^; Those excessive paint is scratched away using a knife, very carefully and gently so that the white base color painted in the previous posting won't get sent off as well. ^^;

Done with the eight thruster parts' paint refinement. ^^

Panel lines added to all the parts, one by one using normal panel liner after the previous paint layer has dried.
All eight emblems of Tamama on the parts are supposedly in green and yellow. It's just too much of a trouble to paint the same eight emblems in two colors. ^^; I'll just depend on the paper stickers given for this then. ^^

To allow the parts to dry better and more securely, they are placed inside small medicine boxes, with each part inside its own little compartment. ^^

Parts of the left arm that need a bit of paint work.

As shown on the box side image, the elbow and wrist area must be painted white.

Very much the same case as the feet completed in the previous posting, the left arm's paint work begins with panel lines around the targeted areas.

(Left) The targeted area is painted white using White Surfacer from Mr. Hobby.
(Right) With excessive paint scratched away and panel lines reapplied when the paint has dried.

So much paint work applied to the eight thruster parts that the only area not painted is the interior of the thrusters' body, which won't be seen at all when everything is assembled. ^^

Even though the work on the eight thruster parts is done now, there are still plenty of parts to go and detailing to do for Tamama Robo Mk-II. ^^;

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