Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam Part 9

A mini dragon

A look at Koumei Nu Gundam first form change after the previous posting.

Primarily a part-swapping transformation just like most other BB Senshi Sangokuden model kits, some of the components on Koumei Nu Gundam have to be removed first.

The Nu Gundam HWS type chest armor part is needed for this form change.

A 180-degree turn for the head so that it's now facing the back starts off the transformation.

The new chest armor is appended to the body.
The polygonal slot right in the middle of the abdomen will be used to mount the model to the clear green display base shown in the previous posting.

The claw behind the shield is flipped to the front.
The pictures made the step looked like it's just a forward nudge for the part, but in order to avoid the front claw from hitting the peg between the shield and the shoulder, the claw must be turned from the back for 270 degrees to the front. ^^;

The shield itself is bent to the front of the head as well to resemble the dragon's front leg.

On the side, they look good; but looking at the legs from the top, they do not look credible as legs at all. XD

The front portion of the feet is bent downward.

The large headgear is attached onto one of the "Fin Funnels" to form the head.

The handle of 宝扇剣 is connected to the other "Fin Funnels" to form the tail.

To complete the transformation, just peg the polygonal connectors of the head and tail components to the slots on the model's forehead and rear skirt armor respectively.

Koumei Nu Gundam's first form change is done. ^^

龍焔刀 can still be mounted on the backpack. ^^

More images of Koumei Nu Gundam's first dragon form, called 伏龍飛翔形態:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Thanks to 宝扇剣 being the tail, the overall length of this dragon form reaches an impressive 24cm. ^^

Mounted to the display stand.

Using the "Fin Funnel" part to form not only the dragon's neck but its mouth as well is really ingenious. On the model kit itself, the entire headgear seems like it's just meant to be a really big V-fin with a dragon head motif right in the middle, but thanks to the part design, it turns into a real dragon head, which looks believable from various viewing angles. ^^

The design feature I'm not too fond of is the obvious exposure of Koumei Nu Gundam's face right on top of the dragon. It's kind of unavoidable since BB Senshi kits' heads are huge, ^^; and there's really no way to hide such a huge component unless it's removed completely. Sonken Gundam gets to hide his head beneath the tiger's body in the final Beast God mode (獣神形態), but that's not possible with Koumei Nu Gundam as the slot for his headgear in Gundam mode must be used to mount the dragon head in this dragon mode. ^^;

More to come for BB Senshi Sangokuden Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam. ^^

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