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Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter Part 4

The benefit of being slim

A look at Super Robot Chogokin Weissritter's articulation design in this posting. ^^

Ball-type joint for the neck allows the head to be tilted from side to side very easily.

Limited range for the head to be tilted forward or backward.
There's no neck extension gimmick like Alteisen as Weissritter doesn't feature a weapon like Heat Horn that would require a lot of action from its head I think.

Side-to-side and forward-backward bends are possible for the waist.
No vent on its abdomen like Alteisen, no problem in bending forward. ^^

Even though the waist can move freely, the waist joint is designed to extendable.

The hinge joint that enables the waist extension.

Weissritter is capable of even crazier movement for its waist now with the extension gimmick. ^^

The shoulders can swing forward and backward very easily.

The entire arm can swivel on the shoulder joint easily as well.
Unlike Alteisen, I didn't find any problem with this motion on both arm.

The shoulder blocks themselves can be bent upward/downward.

All three layers of shoulder armor are individually movable.

The upper arm can swivel around on the shoulder joint.
The elbow joint would occasionally pop away from its designated joint space and add another round of swivel to the upper arm, which is another (unexpected) articulation point. ^^

The left elbow bend is severely limited by the large disc-like armor around the forearm's edge.

The left arm can be pulled downward to extend the elbow joint, giving it more space of movement. The left forearm can now be bent upward for 90 degrees. ^^

The entire forearm would often pop out when it's pulled downward, which is no big deal since all you need to do when that happens is just push it back onto the upper arm. ^^

Standard 90-degree bend for the right elbow.

With the same elbow extension gimmick, the forearm can now be bent upward for about 120 degrees. ^^

As shown back in Part 2, there's a hinge joint that connects the wrist to the forearm, allowing the former to bend inward slightly.

Standard flexible articulation design for the skirt armor pieces.

Unlike Alteisen, the rear skirt armor can be lifted.

The hinge joint behind the hip that controls the rear skirt armor's motion.

The hip joints are standard swivel-hinge combo joints as seen on Alteisen.

Very wide expansion of the legs enabled by the hip joints.

The thigh can rotate around on the hip joint.

Very limited bend for the knee. ^^

Standard hinge joint design for the knee.

Like the elbow joints, the knee can also be extended by pulling the leg downward.
A bit of force is required as the joint is quite stiff, which is good to prevent the knee from extending without being triggered. Unfortunately, some paint on the knee joint is chipped off by the friction when the leg is pulled downward. ^^;

A more standard 90-degree bend is now possible with the extended knee joint.

The front and rear ankle guards are movable.

Ball-type joint allows the ankle to be tilted in a wide range of motion, and it's more flexible than that on Alteisen as Weissritter lacks the large armor around the ankle that would block its movement.

Despite the flexible default ankle movement, the ankle joint can be extended to move the foot outward and away from the ankle armor to give it a much crazier range of movement. ^^

The front part of the foot is on hinge joint that allows it to be bent upward and downward.

The backpack's articulation was introduced back in Part 2 so I won't be repeating it here anymore.

Overall, there are similarities and differences between the articulation design of Weissritter and Alteisen. Both have just about the same movement capabilities in their shoulders, waist, hip, ankle and foot. The differences lie in their mecha design as mentioned here and there above. The need for Alteisen's head to have a wide upward bend to pose with Heat Horn prompted a neck extension gimmick to be added, which is absence on Weissritter, while elbow extension and hinge joint for the wrist are given to Weissritter to improve its arm's articulation to pose with Oxtongue Rifle and Plasma Cutter better. The rotating cylinder gimmick on Alteisen is a hindrance to having an extended knee joint as well I guess. So, it's fair to say that the absence of certain joints on either mecha doesn't pose any disadvantage to the two.

Some application of the articulation design introduced above on the actual figure of Weissritter: ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

The last posting for Alteisen will be up next. ^^

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