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1/72 Transformable VF-25S Super Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Lee's Unit Part 1

A major self challenge in 2013

Starting on a new model kit project this time, and it's from the non-Gundam category that is evidently uncommon on my blog so far. ^^

From Bandai Hobby Division, this is 1/72 Scale Transformable VF-25S Super Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Lee's Unit. A new kit to me, but it was actually released some four years back - definitely not a new kit in actuality. ^^; I bought this kit not too long after its actual release, but kept it locked away until now. ^^; The initial stage of that reluctance to start working on it was very much due to it been a new kit at that time and I really like its design. There are quite a lot of parts with missing colors, which I had no appropriate paints for a few years back. I would love to work on the kit and build it as soon as possible but I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with the result realizing that I should prepare for more paints and tools before starting on anything. ^^ A rushed work just to get the completed model when it was clear that I wasn't ready to work on it was definitely going to ruin it I thought. ^^

Saving the good stuff for last isn't something just applicable for food to me (XD), it applies to my collectibles as well. ^^

There was a second stage of that reluctance to start the work actually. Looking back at it now, much of it was really just procrastination. ^^; On a random day, I would go, "I have most of the paints I need for it now, I should start on it now"; the next day, "There are too many parts in this kit, maybe I should finish up on another model kit, or play with an action figure and write reviews about them first". ^^; On another random day, "Some BB Senshi Sangokuden kit is harder to paint and detail than this Macross kit, I should start on it now"; 10 minutes later, "Never mind, let's watch a movie first". ^^; And it goes on and on. ^^;

So why start now? I'm not sure actually. Maybe the part in me that loves to procrastinate is running low on ammo at the moment so the more determined side is having more say on the matter. XD Then again, putting down the cornerstone to start working on something is always to difficult obstacle to overcome for me, but once a definite starting point is set, I would usually be able to follow through with the rest of the work nicely. ^^

I think I inevitably made this kit sounds like it's going to be like a huge burden to work on. ^^; Even though part of that is true, I really do like this kit. ^^ It's a fairly large transformable model kit of my favorite Valkyrie design in "Macross Frontier", and because of that transformation feature, the assembly design is very different from regular Gunpla kits I'm more used to. It's a four-year-old kit alright, but its nature is still very new to me. ^^

As mentioned above, Ozma Lee's "Skull Leader" VF-25S Messiah is my favorite Valkyrie in "Macross Frontier", even after YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie was introduced in the second Macross Frontier movie called "the Wings of Goodbye". I love its overall color scheme, sharp-looking head design and of course, the large skull marking on the back of the fighter. ^^ I used to think that the design of VF-25 in Battroid mode is too spindly - the very humanoid appearance with clear distinction of the chest, waist and groin is achieved but overly thin in proportion at the same time, but the thin build seems to make Ozma Lee's personal skull emblem on the back stands out even more I think. ^^

The Armored variation is my definite favorite of the three, but that's mainly because the excessively massive armor pack itself is just too awesome. ^^ This "intermediate" Super Pack equipped version fills in some of the gaps on the standard form to bulk up its appearance, making it seem less thin than as mentioned earlier on. I particularly like the two large boosters on the wing units behind the Battroid mode. They formed the "backpack" by filling in the gap on the back of the unit that only has the two wings hanging down in standard form, but not to a ridiculous (but cool ^^) level like the Armored mode. ^^ Overall, the Super pack gives VF-25 a heavier look, but one that still compliments its humanoid proportion at a "reasonable" level. ^^

Essentially, this kit is the combination of the first VF-25S kit and the Super Pack set. The latter was released as an individual kit a month before this Super VF-25S came out. While all of its content are repeated for this kit, changes were made to customize certain parts to suit Ozma Lee's specs. The price is perhaps the best indicator of the combo set treatment for the two individual kits. ^^ This Super Messiah VF_25S is 6,500 Yen (exclusive of tax), which is basically 4,500 Yen (exclusive of tax) for the individual kit of VF-25S plus 2,000 Yen (exclusive of tax) for the individual kit of the Super Pack. ^^

Introduction of the kit on the sides of box.

Comparison of box size between the three variations.
I don't have the standard version of Ozma Lee's VF-25S, but VF-25G Messiah Valkyrie Michael's Unit Klan Klein Deculture Decal Ver has just the same box size for a valid comparison. ^^

The Armored version's box is slight wider than this Super version.


All runners.

A very luxurious pack of marking sheets. ^^

Ozma Lee's personal skull emblem. ^^

Rather erotic markings featuring Ozma's girlfriend, Cathy. ^o^

The instruction manual.

Macross Quarter is shown right behind Ozma's Super Messiah on the front cover.

With a total page number of 38, the manual is definitely thicker than that of most manuals.
Close to half of the pages is on the transformation sequence actually. ^^

Centerfold of the manual.

Preview of the Armored mode.

The rear cover is one of the two pages showing the entire kit's marking application. ^^

A look at all of the standard form's runner design:

Runner A - A multi-color runner that contains parts mainly for legs, fuselage and hand units.

(Left) Clear parts for the cockpit.
(Right) One clear green visor part for the head.

(Left) The two large calf parts are actually not needed for this kit.
(Right) One of the few runner variation hints on this runner.

Runner B - Contains all light gray parts mainly for the arms and legs.

(Left) Protruding one-piece parts for the hips/intakes.
(Right) Clear line details molded inside another two one-piece parts for the hips/intakes.

Very nice molded details behind the leg armor and hip parts, most which won't be seen again when the model is assembled. ^^

Simple molded details can be seen behind the forearm armor parts near the elbow area.

Runner C - Contains all light gray parts mainly for the wings and shield.

Intricate molded details on the surface of the wings that can truly bring out the delicate details of this model kit. ^^

Runner D - Contains all white parts mainly for the head, legs and fuselage of the fighter.

(Left) Elaborate molded mecha details that would be revealed when the landing gears are deployed.
(Right) Tiny details for the wing parts consistent with those as seen on the main wings from Runner C.

Like the leg parts shown above, the cover parts of the landing gears have amazingly elaborate mecha details behind them which are truly disproportionate to the parts' small size. ^^

That tab on the bottom fuselage part is perhaps the most important element in the fighter to Battroid mode transformation sequence. ^^

A whole segment of parts dedicated to the head.
Runner separation hints show how this runner can be customized for different VF-25 units.

Runner E - Contains all gray parts mainly for the legs, hand units and landing gears.

Mecha details on the inner frame of the legs which are equivalent to that found on Master Grade Gunplas. ^^

"Incomplete" pilot figure of Ozma Lee, as its bottom half is molded together with the cockpit part. ^^;
A lot of paint work is required to realize the suit color. ^^;

Slender and sharp fingers for all the hand units.

A slightly larger collar part (the one on the left) is given for Ozma Lee's unit.

Runner F1 - Contains all black parts mainly for the tail fins and nose of the fighter.

The fuselage and nose parts have very nicely molded mecha details. ^^

Runner separation hints. The blank area contains the head parts of VF-25F Alto Saotome's unit.

Runner G - A simple runner with four mecha gray parts for the feet/main thruster nozzles.

Runner H - Gray ABS runner that contains joint parts mainly for the legs.

A lot of hinge and swivel combinational joints to be expected for this unit it seems.

Very nicely molded mecha details can be seen on many of the joints parts.

Runner I - Light gray ABS runner that contains joint parts mainly for the fuselage and wings.

Like the parts for the same component on Runner F1, the two fuselage joint parts are rigged with molded mecha details. ^^

Runner J - Gray ABS runner that contains mainly frame parts for the main body, and joint parts for the arms and Gunpod.

Tremendous molded details for the back and shield parts. Which side is supposed to be facing upward needs no explicit mentioning really. ^^

(Left) The runner segment containing joint parts for the Gunpod. The clear runner separation hints are there as certain parts are not required by VF-25G Michael's unit.
(Right) The small blank area is meant to contain one special display stand mount rack for RVF-25 Luca's unit.

Runner K (top) and L - Small runners that contains parts for the Gunpod.

The top barrel part (left) gets to have the molded slits. Such treatment isn't available for the main body parts as they must house the retractable barrel.

The actual barrels of the Gunpod are mighty tiny. ^^;

While a few of them have variations for certain parts to be included/excluded, runners A to L are labelled generically as "1/72 VF-25 Messiah".

Runner M - Contains all light gray parts specifically for Ozma Lee's unit.

Runner label: 1/72 VF-25S Messiah Ozma's Unit

(Left) Nice part separation for the sideburns and laser turrets.
(Right) The different head design for all the VF-25s force every unit to be given its own back part, which features mainly different edges in front of the part to accommodate the head shape.

A look at the Super Pack's runner design:

Runner SA - A multi-color runner that contains parts mainly for leg armors, missile pods and replacement parts for Messiah Valkyrie to mount some of the Super Pack components.

(Left) Only the front head area of the missiles is shown to be in red on the completed model, so the two missile parts will have to painted white to realize that intended color scheme. ^^;
(Right) Clear purple parts for the chest armors' sensor units (?).

Large leg armor parts with great molded details in front and behind the parts. ^^

The new hip armor parts with their elaborate details in front and behind the parts. ^^

The blank spot on the runner is meant to contain one part for the Fold Communication System on RVF-25 Luca's unit. The part is available only in the individual kit of the Super Pack.

Runner SB - Contains four large mecha gray parts for the two booster units.

Each part is 12.5cm in length. ^^

Runner SC - Contains all mecha gray parts mainly for the shield and hip armors.

(Left) Even larger protruding hip armor parts.
(Right) New top cover part for the shield. Interestingly, even though the standard form's shield with added peg is included, the details on top the parts are still molded, even though they are not meant to be seen again. ^^

Runner SD - Contains four yellow parts for the missile pod covers and chest armor.
Polycap set PC-7 - To provide ball-type joints for the main booster thrusters.

Molded details behind the missile pod covers.

Runner SE - Contains all gold parts for the thrusters.

Awesome details inside the main thruster nozzles.

The same level of intricate molded details can still be seen inside he smaller rear thruster, but not the smallest thrusters on the booster units though.

One-piece parts are the thrusters' joints.

Runner SF - Gray ABS runner that contains frame parts for the leg armors, joints for the missile pods and mount racks for the display stand.

Mecha details behind the leg frame parts which are equivalent to the back frame part from Runner J.

Labels for runners SA to SF: 1/72 Super Parts

Other items from the kit:

Metal rods for the wings, tail fins and waist/fuselage.

Two sets of marking sheets.

Water slide decal sheet and clear sticker sheet for the standard form.

The content between the two sheets are all the same to provide options for the modeler.

Another look at Ozma's personal skull emblem. ^^

Water slide decal sheet and clear sticker sheet for the Super Pack.

Excessive number of erotic Cathy markings to plaster all over the model if you so choose. ^^

One of the chest armor marking bears Ozma's personal skull emblem. ^^

A small foil sticker sheet is included as well.

All removed parts are organized and stored in individual paper containers.

Plenty of unneeded parts which are organized into a separate paper box.

Will start working on the detailing and paint work in the next posting. ^^

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