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BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant Set Part 14

Weak, very weak

Still on the review of Kyoshin Elephant from BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, and Kyoshin Elephant Set after the previous posting, with the beast mode to Kongou Ashura Armor configuration being the main focus this time. ^^

Moukaku Gundam standing by for the mode change. ^^

Extra parts needed for this mode: the jewel from the back of Syukuyuu Gundam's head and two ball-type polycaps.

(Left) The silver paint on the white paint sets up a nice metallic background for the clear green part.
(Right) The black rear side of the jewel was painted in Part 6.

(Left) Moukaku Gundam's backpack, and gauntlets (Ragouzou, 羅喉爪) need to be detached.
(Right) For space consideration when the Gundam is mounted onto the armor pack, the spread palms on Moukaku Gundam are replaced with the closed fist pair.

The forearms are flipped around so that their backs are facing downward. The legs are rotated to the outer sides, and the front section of the feet are bent downward.

Kyoshin Elephant needs to be dismantled again for the mode change.
The component separation is actually identical to that done for Kongou Tank's configuration. ^^

The upper hind legs are rotated to the back so that they look completely straightened when the body plate is vertically positioned.
This step is the same as the same component's initial adjustment on Kongou Tank.

The hock joints are straightened as well.

A totally different part-swapping arrangement involving the same three components: the rear feet, caterpillar blocks, and top covers as compared to how they were configured as the front tracks on Kongou Tank. The two additional polycaps shown earlier on are needed for the new components.

(Left) The slots behind the rear feet are used to attach the parts to the top covers, forming the Kongou Ashura Armor's feet.
(Right) With the new polycaps attached to their pegs, the caterpillar blocks are connected to the feet to form the lower legs.

The completed lower legs. ^^

The lower legs are slid onto the hock joints, or more accurately, the knee joints of Kongou Ashura Armor now. ^^

The main body and legs are formed. ^^

The front legs are connected to their original slots on the underside (now the front face) of the body plate via another set of pegs. No transformation is needed for the front legs as they look pretty obvious as the armor pack's arms. ^^

The limbs on the armor pack are expanded to create the space needed for Moukaku Gundam to be mounted onto it.
Using their connector arms, the legs are flipped outward. The same action is performed for the arms, but the movement is noticeably limited as the shoulder joints (the two polycaps inside the body plate) are blocked by the part around them.

The twin slots on its back (which are used to hold the backpack) are the main connecting points between Moukaku Gundam and the armor pack.

Once the Gundam is "in", ^^; the arms and legs are retracted to encapsulate the Gundam's limbs.

The tusks are inserted into dedicated slots on both shoulders.

(Left) Syukuyuu Gundam's headpiece is attached to the T-shaped slot on Kyoshin Elephant's forehead.
(Right) The tusk is bent all the way to the back of the head.

Using the top peg, the elephant's face is reattached to the back of the head part.
With the same connection as that on Kongou Tank, Kyoshin Elephant's eyes are hidden beneath the forehead area again. ^^

Surprisingly, the tip of the trunk, which is inserted into a polycap-equipped slot near the bottom of the body plate is the only connection point that is supposed to hold the elephant head, now the chest armor, in place against Moukaku Gundam's body. ^^;

One round point from a straight long peg versus a pretty heavy elephant head, the inability for the latter to stay in place is almost a no-brainer. ^^;

Impossibru! XD

A last-minute effort to keep the back of the elephant head attached to Moukaku Gundam's chest in order for this posting to be completed (XD), I used a small patch of double-sided tape to establish the connection.
Even so, there's little flat surface between the parts that can keep them connected to one another. The chest armor would still sag from time to time. ^^;

The large caterpillar blocks are leftover parts from the transformation.

Keeping in mind the attachment of the chest armor between shots and having to readjust it every now and then, I still managed to take a bunch of photos of Kyoshin Elephant in Kongou Ashura Armor configuration: ^^;

Closeups on the details:






It really is quite a shame. ^^; It's not difficult to see how Moukaku Gundam's design is related with the armor pack, making him the most suitable user of it. The Gundam's huge V-fins seem fitting with the size of the armor pack, and the curvy details on the V-fins match the shape of the tusk attached on the shoulders as well. There's a cohesive feel between the Gundam and Kongou Ashura Armor, giving the overall model a pretty amazing look. I also like the look of the armor itself. With such large shoulders, forearms, and thighs, it looks like sturdy boxer, ^^ which again, fits Moukaku Gundam's image of being a character who specializes in hand-to-hand combat. The armor's configuration is very well-designed in concealing Moukaku Gundam's limbs as well. Even with openings around the shoulder and waist areas, the arms and legs are not obvious to be detected, so it's not immediately recognizable that the model consists of a smaller Gundam kit riding inside a larger one. XD In certain ways, I think some of the aforementioned similar-looking design elements between the two models help to strengthen the combined look, which I like very much. It's just unfortunate that the chest armor cannot stay in place properly because of its weak connection issue. ^^;

It's even more disappointing to realize that this mode is supposed to feature tons of playability via the 16 (Part 11) plus 2 (beginning section of this posting) ball-type polycaps used on the entire model. ^^;

Apart from the chest armor issue, another weak point about this Kongou Ashura Armor configuration (as compared to the beast mode and Kongou Tank), a minor one I would say is the exposure of unused pegs. There are more pegs left "unattended" in this mode than the other two combined I think. ^^; Three on each shoulder, two on the hips, one on the backpack, and the square tabs on the lower legs are all exposed in this configuration. ^^; I guess the absence of an "underside" as compared to the beast mode and Kongou Tank makes it near-impossible to hide the pegs, but perhaps some kind of extra details can be designed on them to give them a different look when they couldn't be hidden.

Speaking of details on pegs, I just realize that there are a pair of peg slots behind the shoulders that are used in neither of the three modes. ^^

There's no indication in the manual that they would be needed by Syukuyuu Gundam when she wears the armor either. Given their intricate molded details (as compared to all the other pegs and slots on this model), their intended purpose is quite a mystery. ^^

As troublesome as their adjustments may be due to the poor chest armor connection, the posability of this Kongou Ashura Armor configuration will be shown through its action poses in the next posting. ^^

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