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S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Hibiki Part 2

Two little Oni faces for you to remember

A look at all of the accessories and option parts included for S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Hibiki after its introduction in the previous posting:

All of Kamen Rider Hibiki's accessories and option parts.

A pair of Ongekibou (音撃棒), which are fixed to the closed fists.

The different shades of red applied to the fists and Ongekibou's stick segments can be clearly seen. The sculpt work on top of the fists and silver paint work of Ongekibou's crossguards and hilts are great details to look at as well.

The tips of Ongekibou are incredibly detailed despite their tiny size. The demon faces on the tips can be seen very clearly. ^^

The design of two demon faces: one with its mouth closed called Rekka Un (烈火・吽, left image above), and the other one with an opened mouth called Rekka Kuma (烈火・阿).

The tips can be separated from the sticks to show the weapons in storage mode (another option part is required for this configuration). Differentiating between the demon faces is important for that configuration. ^^

The two Ongekibou are just slightly over 4cm in length each.

Simple straight peg allows the fist with Ongekibou to be swapped onto the wrist of the figure.

The fixed shortened Ongekibou for storage mode.
The intricate texture sculpted on the handle area and the molded hilt details are amazing details to look at on this part. ^^

Rear view of the option part.

Following the instruction sheet to attach Ongekibou's tips to the option part, Rekka Kuma should be placed on top while Rekka Un is for the bottom stick.
The setting isn't compulsory actually, as the slots behind the two tips fit either pegs on the option part.

The Ongekibou pair in storage mode.

A dedicated slot behind the figure's belt can be used to mount Ongekibou.

A fixed Disk Animal set.
Like Ongekibou, the sculpt details on top and beneath the part is amazing to look at. Despite its small size, it's easy to detect that the fixed part depicts three discs, according to the character setting. ^^

The for-display-only mount rack part for Ongekibou when the weapons are deployed, and Kamen Rider Hibiki's henshin device, Transformation Tuning Fork Onkaku (変身音叉・音角) in storage mode, which is also a mere accessory.

The size comparison of the three belt accessories to a Malaysian 10-cent coin to reveal their tininess. ^^

There are dedicated slots on the left and right sides of the belt to hold the Disk Animal set and Transformation Tuning Fork Onkaku respectively. The mount rack part is attached to the same position as Ongekibou in storage mode.

More images of the figure itself:

Closeups on the details:



[Arms and weapons]


A very beautiful small-sized figure of Kamen Rider Hibiki this is. ^^ The nice overall proportion, smooth look of the muscular build, glossy paint work and attention to various tiny details make it a fantastic figure to look at. The really beautiful glossy dark blue paint scheme is the immediate attention catcher on this figure in my opinion, but as one zooms it, there are more intricate sculpted and painted details to behold, which seem to be "hidden" by the main color scheme. The enjoyment of finding those details can be counted as part of the figure's interesting points I suppose. ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, the mask design of Kamen Rider Hibiki is one of my favorite design features of the character when I first saw it, and its realization on this figure is very well done. Due to its small size, the gradient paint work is not easily observable, but silver, and purple in different shades can indeed be seen very clearly on the mask area, and the overall paint outcome is very beautiful. ^^ While the paint work is well done, the more impressive feature of the mask are the sculpt work. Upon closer scrutiny, tiny slits to resemble the eyes and even the nostrils can be seen, and that's just incredible. ^^ I was really excited when I discovered those details. ^^ Without zooming in really close onto the mask area, those details wouldn't be visible at all, but they are indeed there, and I'm certainly glad that they are sculpted onto the mask. ^^

Very obvious gradient paint work can be seen near the elbow area of both arms, which is an inherited feature from the larger S.I.C. version if not mistaken. ^^ Apart from that highlighted feature, the silver armor details on the figure, including the stripes near the elbows, bracelets, and ankle bands are all very nicely painted details to look at as well. Then again, as mentioned earlier on, there are plenty more sculpted and painted details that are equally impressive on the figure, with amount and intricacy that are almost disproportionate to the figure's size. ^^

A look at the figure's articulation design and posability next. ^^

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