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Nendoroid Alleyne Part 4 [Final]

The strange comparison between details and option parts

Even more action poses featuring Nendoroid Alleyne after the previous posting. ^^

Not shown in the previous posting, Alleyne can perform a pretty natural-looking kneeling pose using both of her option bent leg parts (for whatever reason behind the pose XD).

The length of her hair is just right to not obstruct the pose.
Contrary to the appearance, the bent legs provide the support for the figure in this pose and not the hair from behind. ^^

Since the cape's length extends to below her knees, it needs to be removed to show the figure in this pose.

Comparison with the normal-scaled Revoltech version:

Without the beret and cape:

The option parts and weapons:

The comparison between this Nendoroid version and the Revoltech figure feels kind-of odd to me. ^^ For the same point of comparison, there seem to be certain elements that contradict one another. ^^ In terms of detail treatment, the Revoltech version is obviously more superior, taking advantage of the figure's scale and overall size to realize a more anime-accurate image of Alleyne, however, the sling stones which are part of that image isn't available. In the same area (details), the Nendoroid version is simpler, but the weathering texture observed on the spear's blades is more anime-accurate, and it's a detail not available on the the Revoltech version.

Personally, the "wild mix-match" of varying features just makes me like both figures even more. ^^ While I prefer the Nendoroid version's fairer skin tone, I like the glossy treatment given to the Revoltech figure's costume; and while the Revoltech figure is more posable with more joints, I really like the cute expression on the Nendoroid version's face parts, which make the figure absolutely adorable in every and all poses. ^^ All in all, since liking the character is the main motivation behind the purchase for both figures, the outcome, with their individual appearance being the main point for consideration is certainly positive. The Revoltech figure is great for her sculpt work and paint details; while this Nendoroid version is just adorable. ^^

Finally, a more "normal" comparison for Nendoroid Alleyne, with a "comrade" from the same product series: XD

Alleyne appears to be taller than Saber Lily for very obvious reason. XD

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