Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nendoroid Alleyne Part 2

Chiaki Minami's friend from another realm?

A look at Nendoroid Alleyne's accessories after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Alleyne and all her accessories.

The only option face part for Alleyne, which is meant to show her valiant look in combat, but it seems to depicts an annoyed expression instead in my opinion. ^^

Standard part-swapping design to change between the face parts.

Alleyne with the option face part.

The default face part.

Alleyne's double-tipped spear in Nendoroid format. ^^

Despite being a Nendoroid accessory, the tips are very pointy. ^^ The weathering texture on the tips is very well done too. ^^

(Left) One of the tips is detachable to let the spear be slid onto Alleyne's hand.
(Right) The spear's length is about 10cm.

The sling stones Alleyne used against Echidna in the TV series.

For being in such a small size, the design and paint work of the sling stones, especially the ropes is very detailed.

Two option arms.

The default pair of arms detached from the figure.

The positioning of the forearm guard seems to be the only difference between the two right arms.

All seven hand units for Alleyne: a pair of closed fist (default), a pair of open hands to grab the weapons, a pair of closed fists with pointing index finger, and a right open hand for weapon.

Closeups on the hand units.

The four arms with different hand units swapped onto them.

The additional right open hand for weapon seems to have a larger slot than the pair of the same type.

The two right hands show no difference in weapon attachment though.

The weapons can obviously be equipped to the left hand.

A pair of bent legs.

(Left) The look of the bent legs on the figure.
(Right) Using the hip joints, the legs can be hinged backward.

A look at Alleyne's massive beret. ^^

The exposed headband is obviously a separate part that is fixed to the front area of the beret. The paint work for the stripes is clean and accurate. ^^

Magnets embedded inside the beret and rear head part to connect between the components.
This is the second Nendoroid figure reviewed this year, after Rinko Kobayakawa that features magnets. ^^

More images of Nendoroid Alleyne:

Closeups on the details:



Looking at the box's images as shown in the previous posting, I think there's a way to position the beret to look less obtrusive on top of Alleyne's head, but since I used the headband as the marker of the beret's front side, and I was quite adamant in making sure that it could be seen clearly in its entirety, the beret's huge size couldn't be anymore obvious in the images above. ^^ Still, the magnetic connection between the parts is strong to keep them in place, which is definitely a plus point to the figure. ^^ Apart from the strong connectivity, the seamless attachment of the beret to Alleyne's head, which is obviously the idea behind the magnets' implementation can be seen very clearly as well. A "beret-less" look of Alleyne coming in the next posting would be able to reflect that design benefit more. ^^

Since Nendoroid reviews aren't frequent on my blog, Alleyne's huge beret reminds me of Chiaki Minami from the same product line reviewed in February last year. ^^ The little sister's hat is smaller than Alleyne's, and while she uses no magnet for the same type of connection, the same objective of not leaving any mark of the head wear on the figures' head is achieved. ^^ The same can be said about Rinko Kobayakawa's magnetic connection for her earphones. The parts involved are minute when compared to Alleyne's beret, but they were implemented to achieve the same purpose nonetheless.

Even in this deformed Nendoroid incarnation, the hair color, pupil details, pointed ears, and her costume (especially the aforementioned beret ^^) are very well executed visual elements allowing one to recognize the character. The sharp chin, and the more elaborate stripe details on her costume are not present because of the figure's size, but the overall design is still very loyal to the character essence of Alleyne. ^^ The character-accurate determined look from her sharp eyelines can be seen very clearly, but the smiling expression on the default face part, a rare look when compared to her appearance in the anime series, gives her a very cute image which I like very much. ^^ Such a cute look is very appropriate for a Nendoroid figure, but it makes me wish that the normal-scaled Revoltech version could include it as her default look as well. ^^;

Some action poses with configuration of the different option parts on this Nendoroid figure will be featured in the next posting. ^^

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