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BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant Set Part 12

Size deception

More images of the just completed Kongouyaka (金剛夜迦) from BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam, and Kyoshin Elephant Set. ^^

Closeups on the details:




Bottom view:

Apart from its obvious huge size (relative to the BB Senshi Sangokuden series), the model feels pretty heavy too, thanks to many of the large and thick parts that made up the kit, as shown in the previous posting. ^^ The size and weight of the model kit made the assembly process very fun to go through, especially given the non-humanoid design of Kongouyaka, which is very different from most plamos I built recently. ^^

On the other hand, the size and weight seem somewhat deceptive in nature, as the model kit itself is actually quite hollow. ^^; The body unit is really just a large back plate for the front and hind legs to attach to on the model. Even the hind legs, which are meant to form the thighs of Kongou Ashura Armor (金剛阿修羅鎧) are just large polygonal containers with their space cleverly concealed by the smaller caterpillar blocks attached on the back. The hollowness of the body is especially obvious when the model is viewed from the bottom, but since that view isn't exactly "normal", the build issue is really not too much of a concern. When viewed from the either side, the caterpillar blocks that link the front and hind legs help to cover up the space between the upper legs that would reveal its hollowness. So, there are certainly many creative design features to be seen on Kyoshin Elephant. ^^

Much like Korinpaku (虎燐魄) from Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku and Bakuousen (爆凰扇) from Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam, Kyoshin Elephant uses the "Mugenbine" design for its different modes' configuration. There are many pegs and slots all over the model for the different components to be attached/reattached in different modes. In beast mode, most of the pegs and slots are very well concealed, and this certainly helps to improve the overall look of the model kit as an elephant. ^^

Interestingly, Kyoshin Elephant is also the only one out of three in this bundled kit to feature no golden detail at all. For that matter, it's quite a rarity in the entire BB Senshi Sangokuden line as well. ^^ Even the other animal-themed support mecha mentioned earlier on, Korinpaku (虎燐魄) from Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku and Bakuousen (爆凰扇) from Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam feature extensive golden details on various parts of their bodies, so Kyoshin Elephant really stands out as a rare exception. ^^ Replacing the more conventional golden details are large patches of silver areas with red curvy patterns instead. They were equally difficult to paint and detail as all other similar details on other kits from the line, but I'm really glad with the result. Then again, as compared to the overall simple design of Kyoshin Elephant, those elaborate details do seem a bit awkward to me. They are unnecessarily elaborate, but still very awesome in design and execution on the entire model. ^^

A few noteworthy features of Kyoshin Elephant in beast mode:

Via the peg that connects the face to the back of its head, the face can be rotated from side to side without being affected by the head's connection to the body. This special articulation point gives Kyoshin Elephant some useless, but comical expressions. XD

The knee and hock joints can be adjusted to give Kyoshin Elephant a somewhat more "macho" stance. XD

With Moukaku Gundam.

While not exactly visible from the front, the huge difference between the two kits' size and volume can seen very clearly they are viewed from above. ^^

Part of Kyoshin Elephant's gimmicks: there is a dedicated spot on the back, behind the top plate to allow either Moukaku Gundam or Syukuyuu Gundam to stand on.

The top plate can be flipped all the way to the back to create an even wider space for more kits to ride on top of Kyoshin Elephant. ^^

The plate is sturdy enough to hold Moukaku Gundam, ...

... and Kyoshin Elephant is strong enough to support the imbalance weight distribution on its back. ^^

The tusks can be removed easily to become scimitar-like weapons for either Moukaku Gundam or Syukuyuu Gundam to wield.

Moukaku Gundam with the tusk blades.

A look at Kyoshin Elephant's Kongou Tank (金剛戦車) mode next. ^^

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