Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nendoroid Alleyne Part 3

Alternate mode

Some action poses from Nendoroid Alleyne after the previous posting. ^^

Besides her beret, Alleyne's cape is detachable as well. ^^

Like her Revoltech version, Alleyne's "alternate" display form can be realized with the removal of her beret and cape, however, unlike the former, there's no peg hole or slot of any kind to distort the figure's look. ^^

The seamless appearance of Alleyne's head (minus the obvious parting line between the front and rear hair parts for the figure's face swap feature) as a result of incorporating magnets for the beret's connection to the head as mentioned in the previous posting. ^^

With a pair of open hands included, Alleyne can be posed wielding both her spear and the sling stones.

A furious Alleyne demanding the return of her beret and cape. ^^

More action poses from Nendoroid Alleyne coming up next in the last posting of this review series. ^^

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