Friday, May 30, 2014

Random (94)

No thanks for the really unnecessary details

This mini monster just came in yesterday. ^^

Released by Takara Tomy just two weeks ago, this is Devastator (AD13) from their Movie Advanced series. ^^ As I tweeted in April, I was really looking forward to getting this rehashed Transformers set. ^^

While the Movie Advanced series's launch was clearly for the upcoming fourth Transformers movie, "Age of Extinction", many of its releases are actually repaints from the previous three movies. AD09 Protoform Optimus Prime for example, was a figure that came out for the first movie seven years ago. Folks who already own these figures, or those who wish to see more newer items would probably be disappointed with the lineup, but for those who missed out on some of these gems when they first came out, people like me, this series provides a great opportunity to strike off some old Transformers items from their to-get lists - stuff that would otherwise stay on those lists forever perhaps. ^^;

Some time last year, I almost had the opportunity to get this movie version of Devastator, in a set of seven separate EZ Collection figures that was. I managed to contact someone on eBay who had kept the whole set in unopened form, but unfortunately, the deal fell through in the end. ^^; I was a bit disappointed about that failed transaction for a short while, but in hindsight, it didn't seem like a bad thing at all. ^^ Not only did I managed to get a brand new set of the same item I was looking for all this while, I got it for a lower price than that EZ Collection set as well. ^^

Great success! ^^

A fantastic illustration of Devastator on the front cover.
But hold on, what's that little hook doing down there? ...

... it that ...
... Don't tell me it's ...

Agent Simmons (John Turturro): I am directly below... the enemy's scrotum.

That's seriously something unnecessary in either said illustration, or even that disappointing second Transformers movie where Devastator appeared in. ^^;

On a separate note, I find it funny that I used the word 'disappointing' so many times in this posting, even though it's supposed to be about the joy of this latets purchase. XD

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