Wednesday, May 21, 2014

HG 1/144 Genoace Custom Part 6

Not enough hands!

More images of the just completed HG 1/144 Genoace Custom: ^^

Closeups on the details:



[Arms & weapons]


No matter how much I try to see it the other way, this kit really feels like a simplified version of HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode]. ^^ Not only do they look similar to one another, a lot of the detailing done on Genoace Custom was direct repetition of what I did for Unicorn Gundam, with the most notable aspect being gray panel lining on all of its white armors. ^^

Because it looks like a simplified version of HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode] to me, the appearance of Genoace Custom is not exactly its main attraction I think. ^^; Call it a clean design if you want, but the lack of additional, more outstanding colors is really not helping the model in the look department. XD Some of its unique assembly designs, and impressive articulation features are the special points of this kit in my opinion. As shown in Parts 4 and 5, the leg, knee, shield, waist and body of the kit have interesting part separation design which made their assembly fun and memorable.

The articulation design is another awesome feature of this kit. Despite suffering from pretty bad limitations on the heels and its back, the ankles and waist, especially the latter, are very impressive. Bending the upper body from side to side is common with action figure, but the ability for Genoace Custom as a Gunpla to do it, with ease and great flexibility is really quite amazing to see. Having two ball-type joints for the waist really gives the kit a super-flexible range of body movement, probably the best among all of my High Grades so far. ^^

On the other hand, much of the flexibility in Genoace Custom's waist articulation has to do with its own design I think. With a thin abdomen block that looks like a set of intermingling hinge joints to begin with, and very little appendages around the waist to block its movement, it would be a huge waste of potential if the designers at Bandai Hobby Division didn't capitalize on the MS's special design features and implemented a more regular articulation design on it.

Some action poses from Genaoace Custom:

Supported using Action Base 2.

While the flexibility of the waist is demonstrated in some of the poses above, having just a pair of open fists isn't doing the kit any justice to show off better action poses to match its human-like articulation capabilities. ^^; Take the last two images for example, despite being able to reach for the Heat Stick, the right open fist certainly doesn't look supportive in that pose. ^^; Some external option parts are needed to boost Genoace Custom's posability. ^^

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