Thursday, May 1, 2014

BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam Part 3

Troublesome dragon legs and wings

Another round of detailing work for BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam after the previous posing, ^^ starting with the paint work which I deemed to be the most difficult and troublesome one out of the entire kit:

The legs and wings on the two  G-Defenser  Ryuurin Gouretsukyuu (龍燐剛烈弓) blocks need to be painted red.

Painted the parts using Gaia Color No. 003 Bright Red Gloss.
Being fairly large components with tight edges and elevated corners, a lot of time was spent on painting the targeted corner, not to mentioned more than one layers of paint are needed to cover up the blue base color.

The rear side of the wings and legs are painted as well.
The entire paint work is also done with great care to minimize on the need to scratch off any excess paint after this.

(Left) The bottom edge of the centermost front skirt armor is also painted red using the same bottle paint.
(Right) Excess red paint behind the part will be covered up using normal marker later.

Excess black paint around the underside of the skirt armor parts (from the previous posing) is scratched away using a knife.

The plate armor inside the golden frame should be in mecha gray, but for the sake of convenience, I'm just going to use the included foil sticker piece to realize the color. ^^

Since the foil sticker also includes the golden frame, which I already painted for the part, just the plate portion of the sticker is cut out using a pen knife.

The sticker is applied to the plate armor.
Cotton swab is then used to ensure the sticker is securely adhered to the part, and to smooth the edges.

After they are panel lined, the work on the two skirt armor parts is done. ^^

The blade of Zankuutou (斬空刀) is painted silver using Gaia Metallic Color No. 121 Star Bright Silver.
The paint was previously used for the blade weapons of Koshin Gyan.

The guard and spine of the sword will be painted gunmetal.

The legs of the two supporting stands are going to be painted with gunmetal as well.

Before bringing in gunmetal, the jewels on the sword, and another large one on the V-fin are painted with metallic red first.
The frame around the V-fin jewel will be painted with gunmetal as well.

A new paint is used for the work: Mr. Hobby GX202 Mr. Metallic Color GX GX Metal Red. ^^

The four parts mentioned just now are painted using Gaia Metallic Color No. 020 Gun Metal.

Just like the wings and legs on the two Ryuurin Gouretsukyuu blocks, the narrow slits behind the supporting stands are thoroughly painted as well.

When the paint has dried, the supporting stands are panel lined using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Gray) to outline the spring details.

Small as it is, the forehead targeting scope actually requires a couple of colors to realize its details. ^^

(Left) The sensor itself is painted with a layer of silver (using Pilot Super Color Silver Extra Fine) first.
(Right) The entire part is panel lined using Gundam Marker GM03 for Panel Lining Super Fine (Brown).

The "II" emblem on the forehead is painted black using normal marker.

Clear blue (from Gaia Color 101 Fluorescent Blue) is added to the targeting scope after the initial silver paint has dried.
The combination of silver and clear blue is replicated from the paint work on a couple of jewels from Sonshaku Physalis Gundam.

The golden parts on the armor and sword are panel lined using Gundam Marker GM03 for Panel Lining Super Fine (Brown).

It's good seeing the effect of Gundam Marker GM03 for Panel Lining Super Fine (Brown) on golden parts once again after the work on Koshin Gyan. ^^

Even more detailing work on this BB Senshi Sangokuden kit coming up next. ^^

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