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MS Gundam Seed Heroines 5 Part 3

Lunamaria Hawke (Part 2)

An extension of the previous posting on Lunamaria from MS Gundam Seed Heroines 5 gashapon set, this part will focus on the option parts included to configure different poses for the main figurine. ^^

The default pose for Lunamaria as shown in the previous posting.

The four option parts included for Lunamaria.

With the option fringe and face parts swapped onto the default head of the figurine.

Comparison with the hair and face parts.

Besides the sculpt work for the smiling mouth, the detailing for the eyes and eyebrows is also different between the two face parts.

Labels of "2A" and "2B" molded between the face parts.

Comparison between the two fringe parts.
The option part on the left seems to have a more intricate design for its hair flow as compared to the default one, but not by far.

Comparison between the arms.
The new pair is shown at the bottom.

All four arms feature very detailed and delicate design for the hands and fingers.

More images of Lunamaria in her second configuration:

Closeups on the details:



Extending my comment about the default pose from the previous posting here, this second pose of Lunamaria seems to depict her saying, "Ya, I think I'll go for a haircut now." XD

Obviously, by mixing the fringe, face, and arm parts, plus adjusting the position of the head, the figurine can be shown in various display forms:

Some poses work better than others, and make more sense I suppose. XD

Also, as you can see from the images above, regardless of which type of fringe part that is on the figurine, her signature protruding hair strand (ahoge) remains sharp, and firmly points to her left, anti-gravitationally so. XD If she really goes to her hairdresser, the scissors are going to break when they hit that hair strand I believe. XD

As commented in the previous posting, the design of the figurine itself is rather standard, but the inclusion of the option parts shown in this posting definitely increases its playability and posability. ^^ As one of the three types with option parts included in this series, with the other two being Flay Allster and Stella Loussier, Lunamaria is the only one which comes with more than just an option face part. That extra content is a benefit that I should highlight about Lunamaria I guess, even though it's not exactly that special anyway. ^^;

On the other hand, unlike Cagalli, a "traditional" but "exciting" feature in the MS Gundam SEED Heroines series is back with Lunamaria: the "cast-off" gimmick that allows the figurine to be displayed without the skirt. ^o^

With the miniskirt piece detached from the figurine.

What Lunamaria's trying to say in the above pose is highly speculative. ^^ Could it be "Now let me show you how not to wear your ZAFT suit", or "I think I can beat Meer with this outfit" XD

Comparison with another gashapon version of herself, from Vol. 3.

What did I tell you about the hair being too long on this version? XD

Interestingly, both versions are included in the Hawke Sisters Special series, so I actually have extras of the two figurines. ^^

Coming up next in this review series (but not too soon ^^;) is going to be another figurine with some kind of issue with her hair. ^^

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