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Transformers Alternity Megatron Blade Silver Part 2


More images of Transformers Alternity Megatron Blade Silver in its Nissan Fairlady Z mode after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Front view

Top and side views

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

In 1/32 scale, this vehicle mode of Transformers Alternity Megatron is a great completed model of the actual Nissan Fairlady Z Z34 (or just Nissan 370Z outside Japan), which is a really beautiful car in its own right. ^^ Its compact yet streamline body is very nicely realized on this model, and accurately so too. As with the first Transformers Alternity model I owned - Convoy Super Black Ver, the vehicle mode can be put on display just like any other automibile replica. With a separate display base, not many would realize it's actually a Transformers figure unless the feature is explicitly mentioned, or the underside of the car is shown. ^^ Still, in normal view, it's just a really nice, sleek car model. ^^

The paint work and detailing totally compliment the sleek body overall design of the car. ^^ As you can see in the images above, the metallic silver paint scheme is just fantastic. ^^ Besides the point of it being Megatron's designated color, it gives a sense of realism to the model as well, which is certainly helpful in projecting its image as a scaled replica of Nissan Fairlady Z. I remember passing by different Fairlady Zs on several unrelated occasions in the past, a few of them have the exact same color scheme as this model, which is really amazing. ^^ Just so you know, Blade Silver is an actual designated color scheme for the real Fairlady Z. ^^ So, instead of assigning the color name to Megatron because of the two swords he wields in this incarnation, I believe the sword and Samurai design was based off the actual color on the real car instead. ^^

An actual Nissan Fairlady Z in Blade Silver color scheme. ^^
Images are from Trade Car View.

As a matter of fact, Premium Lemans Blue and Diamond Black are also official color options for Fairlady Z. Galvanize Purple for the limited Galvatron is not though, but I speculate there are perhaps devoted fans of Galvatron in Japan who also own a Nissan Fairlady Z had custom painted their cars in that color to match their beloved Transformers figure in this series. ^^

Apart from the overall silver paint scheme, all the smaller details on the model are very nicely realized as well. The Nissan logos right in front of the hood and on the trunk lid, the Fairlady Z logo on either fender, the tire pattern and rim, clear headlights, clear red taillights, side mirrors, fixed wipers, car door handles are great details that add to model's aesthetic. The mirrors for example, are in chrome to replicate the parts' reflectiveness, and the lights are designed with details that closely resemble the same components on the actual car. ^^ Like Convoy Super Black Ver, the ability for the doors and hood to be opened to reveal semi-accurate driver and passenger seats, and the engine block of the car respectively (to be shown after this) means that there are details inside the car to be seen as well. Like I said earlier on, one can really enjoy the model as a replica of the real car, without having to transform it. ^^ The only details missing are its front and rear license plates, but that feature (or lack thereof to be exact) is also shared by Convoy.

The compactness of the model also gives it a sense of heaviness, which makes it great to hold. The amount of die-cast used has been reduced as compared to Convoy, most probably to improve the stability of Megatron in robot mode, and to support a higher posability as well, but the "weight loss" isn't obvious at all. ^^ In short, its weight is disproportionate to its size I guess. For its small size, it's still much heavier than average Deluxes with roughly the same size. ^^

As briefly mentioned above, the car doors and hood can be opened:

Details of the engine block.

Molded details behind the hood.

This is the furthest the doors can go when they are opened.
Just enough clearance for someone to sneak into the car I suppose. ^^

The two seats, steering wheel, and details that somewhat represent the dashboard (^^;) can be seen inside the car. ^^

While the door does have a double hinge joint, its flexibility is rendered useless in such a tight spot when the door is opened. ^^; The door is actually consists of two layers, with the outer plate designed to be able to slide on top of the inner one, but that ability is also useless in helping with the doors' opening. ^^; You will see why that's so in the next posting when the transformation design is shown. ^^

Comparison with Nissan GT-R of the same scale, the vehicle mode Convoy Super Black Ver. ^^

Front view

It's Convoy's black glossiness versus Megatron's silver shininess.

Rear view

Bottom view

Since the two share the exact transformation gimmick for their body blocks, the position of the abdomen plate and the collapsible spine block is the same.

In full "open" mode for the two cars. ^^
The way Convoy's doors is designed for its transformation is helpful in allowing them to be opened much wider than Megatron's. If not for the opposite direction they are designed to slide on Megatron, the same range of movement for the doors would be possible for Nissan Fairlady Z as well. ^^;

"Strictly" size comparison with the previous reviewed Transformers figure: "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Deluxe Class Bumblebee

Megatron is just a little bit bigger than Bumblebee, but it certainly feels a whole lot heavier. Also, in terms of design and overall appearance, the nature of Bumblebee being a toy is instantly recognizable. ^^ That's why I said it at the beginning, he's in the pictures "strictly" for size comparison. ^^

Sleek cars require the presence of beautiful girls to produce even lovelier pictures (for men) XD For that reason, here's the beautiful Revoltech Fraulein Pocco as the model. ^^

In 1/10 scale (the scale of Revoltech Fraulein figures), Pocco is a giant as compared to Megatron. ^^

Vehicle to robot mode transformation for this Transformers Alternity figure coming up next. ^^

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