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Transformers Alternity Megatron Blade Silver Part 4

Super thin legs

More images of Transformers Alternity Megatron Blade Silver in robot mode after the introduction of its transformation design in the previous posting: ^^

Closeups on the details:








To me, Transformers Alternity Megatron has a unique look that blends the design of his original self, and the image of a Samurai-themed warrior, and the mixed image turns out to be quite appealing. ^^ The color scheme (at least for this Blade Silver version), head design, and abdomen plate are no doubt design elements that are loyal to the original Megatron, but the oriental feel of his shoulder plates, front skirt armor, and main weapons is very obvious as well. ^^ I think the overall silver and black color scheme really helps a lot in bringing all of the design features together to create a nice, cohesive image for Megatron. It's not only his most /classic color scheme, metallic silver also conveys the image of steel and metal very well, which definitely gives a sense of toughness and durability to all the armors on Megatron. ^^

Apart from the image and color scheme, another great design feature is how well the streamline look of Nissan Fairlady Z is carried over to this robot mode. The smooth forward-protruding chest is not exactly special, since Convoy Super Black Ver features the same design element, but it's still lovely to view. ^^ I also like how the smooth trunk now forms the shin guards. Initially, I find the lack of knee armor on Megatron a bit awkward, but the large armor beneath the knee does help to cancel that absent look pretty well. ^^ The shin guards' smooth appearance also connects with the chest block's smoothness mentioned earlier on. And again, the metallic silver color scheme works magic in reflecting the shininess on the armors, emphasizing their smooth outline. ^^

I remember some of the reviews about this Megatron when it was first released in June 2009 that it has a "blank, confused" expression, which is mainly due to it having an opened mouth I believe ^^; Looking at the head sculpt at very close range, the opened mouth is supposed to show Megatron gnashing his teeth, much like the box image shown in Part 1. Unfortunately though, the sculpted line showing the teeth is unclear, most probably due to the shininess of the silver paint on the face. His small eyes, even though made of nicely molded clear red parts, are not obvious enough to reflect his fierce look. As a result of that, instead of showing off his rage , Megatron does seem like he has a blank and confused face . XD

Now that I used that emoticon to describe his look, that image is going to stay in my head throughout this review. XD

The super thin legs are another incredible design feature of this Megatron. While the front and side armors do give them the much needed bulk, the ultra-thin single frames that form either legs can still be seen very clearly from various angles. ^^; As demonstrated in the robot mode transformation design in the previous posting, the lower legs, not including the back fenders and trunk pieces which form the shin guards, are merely parts that are stretched out from inside the rear segment of the car, which in its entirety is just about 1/3 of the entire car's proportion. Yet, that 1/3 worth of components has to form the majority of the robot mode's lower body. ^^ For that, the engineering that went into the transformation design is truly amazing. ^^

As mentioned in the previous posting, many of Megatron's transformation features are the same as that on Convoy Super Black Ver, especially the body unit. Being the front-most component, the obviousness of that similarity, together with the contrasting look caused by the rest of their designs which are dissimilar to one another certainly invokes the image of rivalry between the two characters. ^^ More of that comparison to be shown in another posting. ^^

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