Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander Part 6

Fake Rocket Punch, no Breast Fire

Mazinger Z from Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander in action after the previous posting. ^^

While its size is close to that of a 1/100 scale Gunpla, it's light enough to be supported using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

"(Imaginary) Breast Fire!" ^^;

The closed fists do make for a very nice Superman-esque flying pose. ^^

"(Imaginary) Rocket Punch!" ^^;

Another round of (imaginary) Rocket Punch. ^^;

Coupled with the lack of option hand units, the model kit's inability to show off some of the mecha's signature poses (in a convincing manner) certainly doesn't do justice to its well-designed articulation. ^^; Not much can be done for Breast Fire is understandable, since that would require some specially molded clear red parts, but the lack of Rocket Punch is going to disappoint many fans of the classic robot I suppose. ^^; It can show off the moment before the signature move is launched - you can even screamed out the attack move as you're adjusting it (XD), but the forearm of the model just isn't meant to be separable at its elbow to show off that move, unfortunately. ^^; Technically, you can pull out the forearm (see Part 3 for the arm's assembly), but the dangling straight peg from the upper arm is going to be quite an anticlimactic appendage to an otherwise hot-blooded pose. ^^;

In a way, the limitation of the model reminds me of Soul of Chogokin GX-48 The Big O. As awesome as the figure may be in its own right, there're potential for it to exceed its current limit, which is unfortunately not included. ^^; The Big O may have its special expansion set to address that limitation, there's no such thing for Mazinger Z. ^^;

Some of its action poses may be awesome, but overall, the poseability is just not Mazinger Z-level awesome. ^^;

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