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Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Queen Part 3

Revoltech joint galore

It's time to showcase Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Queen's articulation design, after reviewing that on its minion in the previous posting. ^^

As a short intro (or perhaps, the conclusion ^^) to this large figure's articulation design: almost everything is different as compared to Alien Warrior, or even "Big Chap". ^^

The actual head of Alien Queen is separated from its crown, and with a Revoltech joint between the two components, the head's vertical hinge can be adjusted separately from the crown.

Using the same joint, the head can be swivelled in front of the crown.

When you are able to align the joint's split segment correctly inside the head, you can pose the Queen bending its head to the side without turning the neck, which is pretty cool. ^^
This articulation capability of is quite accurate to the creature's design from "Aliens" I think, as I remember seeing it when the Queen was chasing after Ellen Ripley.

The lower jaw can be hinged downward, revealing the mandible inside the mount.

Unfortunately for the mandible, its position deep inside the mouth, which helps to conceal its appearance even when the mouth is opened, also causes it to stick out completely naked beneath the head. ^^;
Since the head is meant to be extremely poseable, there's no way the mandible can be enclosed within the throat. I can understand the tradeoff between poseability and look, but it is really anticlimactic to see the mandible sticking out like that. ^^;

The mandible can of course be extended. A very loose part it is, the little fella would drop out automatically when the jaw is opened while the head is in a downward facing position. ^^;

The painting work on the teeth of the mandible is well done, creepily so I should add. ^^

A semi-linked movement when the crown is bent: the rear side of the large neck part is actually hollow. the smaller back piece would be "pulled" up when the crown is being bent downward (Alien Queen looks down). You would need to lift that piece up using your finger though. On the other hand, the back piece would be "pushed" down and retracted back into the neck cavity when the crown is lifted (Queen looks up).

The entire crown/neck is separated for the parts involved in the neck gimmick to be seen more easily. ^^

As seen in the previous picture, since the crown is connected to the neck via two back-to-back Revoltech joints, rotating the entire neck at its base where there's only one joint is the only way to turn the crown (with the head, obviously) from side to side.

Much like what was shown in Part 2 of the review on Alien Warrior, the semi-translucent material of the figure can be seen on Alien Queen as well. The almost complete see-through quality of the crown is especially beautiful, given its massive size, and the contrast from the painted bony structure beneath it. ^^

The circling "track" next to the neck joint's slot is meant for the neck part to swivel around on.

Revoltech joint for the shoulder.

A typical Revoltech design for the shoulder joint, but the spiky appendage right above the shoulder prevents it from exceeding the normal range for the arm to be lifted from the side of the body. ^^;

Just 90 degrees for the elbow bend.

Hinge-swivel joint for the wrist without having a Revoltech joint for the wrist.
The design is similar to that on "Big Chap".

The pair of "T-Rex" arms on the chest (XD) feature pretty much the same joint design as the larger ones: one Revoltech joint each for the base and elbow, and hinge-swivel for the wrist, albeit having joints of much smaller size that is.

While having just one Revoltech joint for its body (as compared to two each on Alien Warrior and "Big Chap"), the clear segment between the upper and lower bodies allow the figure to be bent forward and backward. The latter is a movement not possible on the other two Aliens figures.

Utilizing the swivel ability of the Revoltech waist joint, the upper body can turn from side to side.

Typical, simple, but very effective Revoltech joint arrangement for the body. ^^

Three pairs of spike fins decorate the back of the figure.

Each of the fins has its own Revoltech joint that connect it to the back of the figure.

With their individual joints, the fins can be positioned independently of one another.
Frankly speaking, I think giving the fins individual joints is not a good idea. ^^; The fins get knocked out of their intended positions very easily when the figure is moved, and would need to be constantly rearranged - individually. ^^; I think I would prefer them as sets of three on either side of the back instead. ^^

Revoltech joints for the hips.
Their dark color allow the joints to blend in as part of the hips seamlessly. ^^

Given it's more animalistic posture - the legs stick out on either side of the body instead of under it, there's nothing obstructing the legs' full bent forward/backward or sideways expansion.

Like the hind limb of an animal, Alien Queen has two "knee" joints - the upper patella joint, followed by the hock joint behind it.
However, unlike those of a normal animal, the two joints are very pronounced on the creature. ^^

The Revoltech patella joint allows the lower leg to be swung forward, for whatever reason for that motion to be necessary. XD

The lower leg can also be swivelled around the thigh using the same joint.

The hock joint consists of a simple hinge, which allows the lower leg to be bent forward/backward.

Bending the patella and hock joints in opposite vertical direction allows the leg to be strengthened. ^^

Comparison between a strengthened and a normal leg of the figure.

A Revoltech joint allows the front section of each foot be movable like the ankle joint on Alien Warrior. ^^
Swivelling said part from side to side is a lot easier than adjusting for the same movement on the foot on Alien Warrior as there's little around the joint to obstruct its movement.

While it's a lot larger, the tail is made of the same flexible, bendable plastic as seen on Alien Warrior, and can retain the adjusted pose just as well.

One simple action pose to illustrate the articulation of the figure: ^^

A display stand like Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type is neccessary to support the figure since its thin legs are incapable to support the massive upper body's weight. ^^;

The way the stand's clamp grips onto the figure's neck almost looks like how the creature was held by the Power Loader's claws in "Aliens" ^^

Back to Alien Warrior in the next posting with another batch of action poses from that figure. ^^

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