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Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior Part 2

Beautiful metallic blue on creepy clear green parts

A look at all the accessories and option parts included for Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior after its introduction on last Saturday:

All of Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior's accessories and option parts.

A pair of alternate forearms and hands.

The forearm parts have clear shades of metallic blue and black as their color, which is pretty nice to see. ^^

A pair of hands with long fingers and sharp claws.
Having straight fingers as opposed to bent ones is the main difference between these two parts and the default pair of hands on the figure.

Closeups on the hands' details.
The sharp, silver claws are still pretty outstanding, despite their dirty look and dark tone.

There's a hole molded close to the thumb on each hand.

The pair of hands come with their own Revoltech wrist joints.

The completed alternate arm set.
Given their part separation, the forearms and hands can be swapped between the default ones on the figure as one prefers.

Given their unnatural, "alien" design, how do you tell which side is front-facing and which is to the back for the two forearm parts? ^^;
There's no tips about that provided by the description behind the box, so I just use the curved top edge, and small fins beside the parts as indications on how to configure the arms.

Comparison with the default arms.

Besides the presence of the obvious harp-line appendage, the skin design of the default forearm is also different as compared to the option pair.

Besides the pose of the fingers, the default hand also has the same metallic blue tone as seen on the forearm. For its beautiful outcome, it's a feature I wished was included for the option hands as well. ^^;

At least the claws are just as sharp and nasty-looking. ^^

An amazing feature of the parts: while black and metallic blue are the only colors to be seen, all the parts are actually produced in this eerie-looking translucent green, with said colors then painted over the parts. ^^
The translucency is revealed when the parts are viewed with bright enough surrounding light, making the base color seem almost like a hidden feature of the figure. ^^

The display base.
The design is based off the platform inside the colony on LV-426 where the Marines first arrived I believe. The corroded hole should be the first one found by Corporal Hicks in the earlier part of the movie.

Closeups on the display base' details.
The gradient paint work on the entire base is very beautiful. ^^

Rear view of the display base.

Like the original Sci-fi Revoltech figure - the very first one of the series, an Alien egg is included.

Creepy details all over the part. ^^

Bottom view of the egg.
It's obvious that the base is made of clear black part, with the details completely painted onto it.

Four pegs on the platform base fit to their corresponding slots beneath the egg part for the two accessories to be connected.

The platform base with the Alien egg.

Another pair of pegs on the other side of the platform base can be used to connect to the heels of the figure to support it.

The standard RevolChip and name plate.

The RevolContainer included can hold the separated forearm and hand parts, curled strings, RevolChip and name plate.
You can totally forget about fitting the egg into the container. XD

More images of Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior standing on the platform base with an Alien egg, after the introduction of the accessories and option parts:

Closeups on the details:








The entire design really captures the essence of this creature as seen in the movie. Apart from nice sculpt work to bring out the creepy details all over the figure's body, the glossy, gradient paint work work perfectly to reflect the organic nature of Alien Warrior as well. Coupled with the fact that all the added colors were painted over translucent green parts, and that molded color can still be seen really gives the figure a very unique feel. ^^ At first glance, especially before the figure is removed from the box, the distribution of color seemed to be pretty static - translucent green as the molded color, with areas near all the joints painted black and metallic blue to revoke the creature's movie look. However, as you can see from the images above, the display of that translucent color varied based on the lighting around the figure, so you can always expect different combination of colors when you are viewing the figure from different angles and distances. I supposed one can call it an additional gimmick of this Sci-fi Revoltech release. ^^ I certainly would, and I have to say I'm deeply impressed by it. ^^

The only drawback of this gimmick that I can think of is: some of the Revoltech joints' pegs can be seen through the parts, and this is especially true for those inside the legs. ^^ It's an issue of "overexposure" I suppose. XD

Looking at the figure under a strong light reveals the molded color (almost) completely. ^^

Everything except the joints were produced using the same molded plastic I suppose, even the feet which I assumed to be completely painted in black at first get to have their molded color revealed when viewed from the right angle. ^^

Returning to Alien Queen next to have a look at that figure's accessories next. ^^

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