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Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior Part 5 [Final]

Brother from another legion

Concluding the review on Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior after doing the same for Alien Queen in the previous posting. ^^

A couple more action poses of the figure after Part 4:

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Much like Alien Queen, the details and paint work on this figure make it a very nice display piece, especially when its smaller size is most helpful in making the semi-translucent green material of the entire figure more obvious to view. ^^ Then again, that size matter is more advantageous for its poseability, especially when compared to its mother. ^^

Comparison with "Big Chap":

Alien Warrior appears slightly taller than "Big Chap" thanks to the display platform it's standing on.

Take away the display platform, the two scale nicely to another. ^^

Closeups on the design aesthetics:







In an odd way, creepily so, "Big Chap" has a more human-like look to it as compared to Alien Warrior. Be it the skull-like interior of the head, a recognizable mouth with its teeth placed between the lips, human-like palms but with six fingers each, normal arms without alien appendage on their sides, and normal feet with no toe sticking out on the side as well. All those human-like characteristics are scrapped on Alien Warrior to give it a more beasty, dangerous look devoid of any human connection, despite sharing the same host as "Big Chap". Such animalistic design also makes the fighting scenes between the creatures and the marines in "Aliens" more action-packed, and perhaps helps to strengthen the image of those soldiers as worthy opponents for their alien foes as well. ^^ If Alien Warrior is as slow-moving as "Big Chap" as seen in the first movie, the sequel would probably contain happy ending for those filthy humans. XD

Anyway, I think it's great that the figure is designed with so many details that such comparison is possible between the two creatures. ^^ Those details would most likely be left in the movies from which the creature came from if they weren't realized as action figures. ^^

The differences and similarities between the two Sci-fi Revoltech figures:

The double-point Revoltech neck joint of "Big Chap" versus two separable single-point joints on Alien Warrior.
The application may seem similar, but having a separate neck piece does give the latter more room to move around for its neck joint, effectively improving the head's poseability.

"Big Chap" and its unique removable skull top gimmick.

Bright silver for the fangs, teeth, and claws on "Big Chap" versus darker, dirtier-looking shade on its "Aliens" counterpart.

The slot for the neck joint may look the same, except ...

... the protruding spine piece right behind it on Alien Warrior is removable.
As mentioned in Part 3, this is definitely my pick as the single most important improvement in terms of articulation for Alien Warrior over its predecessor.

Different types of Revoltech joint for the elbows, although the movement range seems to be the same.

Hinge wrist joint on "Big Chap" versus Revoltech-type on Alien Warrior.

Alien Warrior has a separable piece between its abdomen and waist (see Part 3), which is the distinction for that component between the two figures. Then again, they still share the same spine design that prevents them from bending backward. ^^;

The same delicate slits between the rig cage pieces.

Totally different Alien eggs as accessories.

The differences in design aesthetics make the egg not interchangeable between the figures. ^^

The Facehugger, and a display platform are unique inclusions to their respective owners.

Regardless of the differences and similarities between the two, Alien Warrior still looks good as the target for a fellow figure from the same Revoltech line: Predator. XD

As a soldier-class variation of its race, Alien Warrior fits better as Predator's opponent actually, if you follow the storyline of "AVP". ^^

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