Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander Part 3

Monochrome limbs

Rolling out the model kit of Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z with God Scrander, after completing some minor painting and detailing on its parts in mid June last year. ^^;

Parts of the arm.

Very nice part separation design that hides the seamline between the top and bottom fist parts.

Separable components of the arms before the final assembly.

The arm's assembly works in the same way as most average High Grade Gunplas (for example HG 1/144 Mr. Bushido's Ahead): the long straight peg beneath the shoulder goes through the one-piece upper arm part and elbow joint into a polycap inside the forearm.
The design is simple, but effective, ^^ and it's quite exciting to assemble the parts too, as they are much larger than that of a High Grade kit. ^^

The arms are completed.

Slightly over 90 degrees for the elbow bend.

(Left) The top protruding elbow joint piece helps to fill in the gap when the elbow is straight, but is able to move clear when it's bent to prevent any obstruction to that joint.
(Right) Rear view of the elbow joint.

Parts of the legs.

The thrusters beneath the feet parts were painted in Part 2.

Interestingly, the left and right parts for each thigh are actually the same. ^^

Separable components of the legs before the final assembly.

Done for the legs.

Standard articulation design for the leg I would say.

Thigh swivel is available, but the rotational joint is at the knee.

The protruding piece behind the knee joint works in the same way as its elbow counterpart mentioned earlier on.

Top view of the knee joint when it's bent.

The rounded top portion of the feet (which houses the ankle polycap) is a very clever design as it gives off the impression that a huge black ball-type joint is responsible for all the ankle movement. ^^

The joint beneath the leg that connects to the ankle slot is also on a hinge, but its movement is almost non-existence, as the gap between that joint and the rounded top portion of the foot would be too tight to allow that extra articulation.

Parts of the waist.

Bottom view of the hips. As you can see, the two sides are connected to individual polycaps, which means the legs' forward swing can exceed the limit imposed by the waist itself.
The pair of small tabs beneath the polycaps are effective in preventing the hips from bending downward.

The swinging action of the hip joint.

Done for the waist.

With the two legs completed just now.

The lower body is completed.

The sideway expansion of the legs is wide, despite enabled by just ball-type joints of the hips.

This is how far the legs can be bent forward/backward without the hip swing.

With the hip swung forward, the leg can be moved 90 degrees forward.
As you can tell, that articulation bonus is only for forward motion. ^^

Since everything in molded in black, the hip piece would be almost invisible beneath the waist, effectively hides its fragile look.

That additional swing gimmick for the hips helps to realize a very natural-looking kneeling pose for the model. ^^

Moving on to assembling the rest of the components in this kit next. ^^

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