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Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior Part 3

That very important improvement

Going back to Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Warrior after the previous posting to have a look at its articulation design. ^^

A double-point Revoltech joint provides plenty of posability for the figure's head.
Bending the joint at the base of the neck allows the head to be shown in a more forward-thrusting pose, or tilted to the back.

Bending the joint at the base of the head allows it to be tilted upward or downward.

While the neck's flexibility is well done, I'm actually more excited to see that particular spine piece be made as a separately movable part for Alien Warrior. It's a major improvement as that protruding part is no longer an obstacle for the head to be bent upward , unlike the same part on its predecessor. ^^

The head is actually capable of a wider upward tilt when the spine piece is removed. ^^
With this feature, you can actually adjust the figure to be in a swimming pose, as shown by the creature in "Alien: Resurrection" (1997). ^^

The head can of course be swiveled to the left or right.

A look at the double-point Revoltech neck joint.

The jaw can be opened to reveal the mandible.

The mandible's launch gimmick is exactly the same as that on "Big Chap". ^^
The mandible part is slightly more secure inside the jaw, and won't fall out automatically when the jaw is open.

This is how far the jaw can be opened.
Before you can pose it trying to devour an elephant, you will "run out" of cheek on the figure. XD

While there's already very minimal obstruction preventing the shoulder from being lifted upward for a wide degree on the side of the body, you can still swivel the upper arm around, and utilize the additional space of what normally would be the armpit of the figure to give it an even wider upward bend. ^^

Slightly over 90 degrees for the elbow bend. The wrist has a small Revoltech joint to gives it hinge and swivel actions as well.

Since the elbow uses a Revoltech joint, the forearm can be rotated independently of the upper arm and shoulder.

Two Revoltech joints inside the body allows the figure to bend forward for a wide degree at its waist.

The abdomen is actually separated from the chest and waist. It's flexible enough to compliment the bending of the waist, but still appear a solid part in normal poses. ^^

A look at the two Revoltech joints and the abdomen piece mentioned earlier on.

A limitation inherited from "Big Chap": the collision between the upper and lower spine parts still prevent any backward-bending pose from the figure. ^^;

The upper body can be swivelled from side to side.

All Revoltech joints for the hips, knees, and ankles.

The protruding piece at the edge of the thigh obstructs the legs' ability to be bent to the side, and to the front as well.

However, the problem above can be remedied very easily by extending the thigh for a slight degree. The small gap created from that action will be sufficient for said protruding piece to bypass the hips, which in turns enables the legs to be bent beyond its initial limit.

This is how far the legs will go when they are expanded to the sides.

The figure can perform a full forward split very easily. ^^

The knee enjoys almost the same bending range as the elbow.

Forward/backward bend is very easy with the ankle joint.

It's difficult to adjust, but the feet can be bent from side to side using the same ankle joint.

Side-to-side bend is easy when you manage to get the joint swivelled to a position where the split is on the side, which in itself is a really hard task. ^^;

A look at the joint's slot behind the foot.

Like "Big Chap", the tail is flexible enough to be bent to any pose, but is tough enough to preserve the adjustment. ^^

Some action poses to demonstrate the figure's posability introduced above: ^^

The tail is very helpful in supporting some of the figure's poses. ^^

When the tail is the focus of a pose, an additional support stand, like Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type would be helpful to hold the figure. ^^

A look at Sci-fi Revoltech Alien Queen's articulation design next. ^^

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