Sunday, June 1, 2014

Random (95)

A new beginning?

With another month to go before entering the second half of the year (or, for those who would choose to put it in another way: counting down to the new year, ^^;), many are gearing up the effort to complete the objectives they set for themselves at the beginning of the year I believe. ^^ In the process of looking back at some of the things I did earlier this year, and setting up new aims for the next six months, I've been thinking about how to continue with the updating of this blog as well.

Starting from last year, the number of postings, which contributes to the number of reviews on this blog has been on a steady decline, and that isn't due to the decline in my enjoyment of my hobby, nor does that reflect any decrease in model kits or collectibles that I've been hoarding all these while. The real problem is, I think I'm stuck at a bottleneck when it comes to writing postings right now. ^^;

For all my reviews, including the detailing of my model kit work, I snapped as many photos as I like when I'm messing around with them, ^^ and then go through the process of sorting the images, which can be really frustrating sometimes. ^^; There are often bad takes (blurry pictures); there are important shots I forget to take; and there are also some which I would ponder hard for the original purpose of snapping them in the first place. XD Between retaking some of the photos, editing them, resizing them for upload, arranging them for the review, and finally the "essay writing", the commitment required in terms of time and effort is extraordinary. With my actual work, or should I just say, life itself, demanding more attention from me, the time I can spare for blog-writing is a luxury that is getting harder and harder for me to afford. ^^; The lack of time in writing as much as I would prefer is the major reason for the "Sunday Movie Theatre" segment to be shelved since September last year. I still watch movies, I just don't have the time and energy to write long reviews for the movies I like anymore. ^^;

Then again, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop blogging all together. Arguably, I don't need to blog about my hobby to enjoy the latter, but I do it anyway. Like the actual hobby itself, I do enjoy blogging. ^^ Right now, the usual style of long writing for review just isn't working all that well for me anymore, so I'm going to change that a little bit to help maintain my interest in blogging, and to make pushing out postings a little easier for myself. ^^ In my plan, future postings are going to be shorter, with comments that go with the photos as the main text to be displayed. Since I usually snapped so many many photos for my reviews, I'll let them do the talking more from now on. ^^

While the ease of blogging is what I'm hoping to achieve with this somewhat new style of blogging, perhaps I might be able to discover a renewed interest for it as well. ^^

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