Thursday, February 5, 2015

Figma RoboCop Part 3

Thin lips

More images of Figma RoboCop after the introduction of its option parts and accessories in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:








Small as it is, this Figma figure is actually a very well designed representation of RoboCop. ^^ The overall paint scheme of bright silver for the armors, and glossy black for most of the joints matches the original design of the movie character pretty accurately. There are metallic purple shades the back of the helmet, on the back, arms, and thighs, which I'm not too fond of, but the overall outcome is still very good.

The mechanical detailing on the figure is quite impressive as well. All of RoboCop's notable mecha details, like the bald, round helmet, large, protruding chest panels, trunk-like abdomen with grid pattern on it, extensive mecha details on the legs, a set of piston linking each calf and the heel, and other minor details are all faithfully realized on this figure, much to the fans' delight – I know I am. ^^ It’s a new figure (to me), but I really felt that I should own it after watching the original movie way back when. ^^

The only design point that seems a bit iffy to me is the thin panel line used to represent the figure's lips. ^^; It’s a little too simplistic, but amusingly anime-like at the same time. XD While the line is “straightforward” enough to represent the stern, emotionless look of Alex Murphy (played by Peter Weller) beneath the RoboCop helmet, I think the overall detailing on the limited face area could be enhanced via a little more paintwork, or even weathering not unlike that done on the figure’s body armors. Then again, this is more of a wish in hindsight for Max Factory to do a little bit more for the lips' detailing, instead of an actual flaw that needs serious correction. ^^

A look at the figure's articulation design in the next posting. ^^

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