Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gundam Construction Scene Part 5

Leg armor conveyance [脚部装甲運搬]

Returning to Gundam Construction Scene (MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ガンダム大地に建つ) gashapon set after putting on the review series on hold for close to a month now. ^^

This is the fourth pack of the set, after Head and waist parts conveyance [頭部・腰部運搬], Framework building [骨格組み立て], and Body lift [胴体吊り上げ].

Front view of the pack.

Preview of the mini diorama, and the components from this pack that will be used on the statue.
The designated color for this pack is yellow.

Very simple design on all sides of the box.

Preview of the whole set, and the Gundam statue on the back of the box.

Box open.

Pack number on the side flap.

Front, and rear views of the plastic bag containing the figure parts.

The repeated instruction sheet.

The box is flattened, with its flaps cut off for easier storage.

All the parts removed from the plastic bag shown earlier on.

The statue's legs are packaged as a connected set by default.

The legs can be split for the connector bar to be removed.

Each of the front and back parts has the letter "L" or "R" molded inside to distinguish the sides they are designed for on the statue.

The removed connected bar, which is being indicated to be unnecessary in the instruction sheet.

Since there's no labelling inside the two thigh parts, I assume the component is exactly the same as that included in Framework building [骨格組み立て].

Two identical fixed transport truck figures to carry the legs.

Bottom view of the trucks.

Closeups on the details

The display base.

Besides the molded grid lines, there's no detail on the display base. The lack of details is meant to depict the flat ground at the construction site where the two trucks carrying the leg parts are parked I supposed.

Rear view of the base.

Besides the usual company and copyright info, a large "4" is molded on the underside.

The base is 7cm in width and 5.5cm in depth.

Front view of the runner that holds the human figurines.

Rear view of the runner.

The figurines are removed from the runner.

The bottom of the figurines' bases are labelled with their pack number using a black marker. ^^

Getting all the parts ready to form the mini diorama. ^^

Preparing the parts for display for this set is the easiest in the entire series so far, since the work involved is just placing the legs on the trucks, and arranging everything onto the base. ^^

More images of this mini diorama:

Closeups on the details:

Comparison with the previous set, Body lift [胴体吊り上げ]:

As a standalone pack in the whole gashapon series, this set is perhaps the dullest in terms of display. ^^; Apart from the lack of details on the base, the legs and transport trucks have very few colors to show off. Of course it's understandable that the lack of colors on the legs is meant to be so just due to their design, and the lack of paint details on the trucks is consistent with such a treatment for them being merely support components, just like the containers in Head and waist parts conveyance [頭部・腰部運搬] and Framework building [骨格組み立て], or the crane in Body lift [胴体吊り上げ]. Also, to accommodate the length of the trucks, the display base is made to be wider, so I believe two separate bases with that extended width would have to be designed if the legs and trucks were to be split into two sets, just for them to be mixed up with other parts with more colors and details. ^^; On that note, I think it's just unavoidable that this set appears so uninteresting on its own. ^^;

As promised in the last part of the review series, BB Senshi Gundam RX-78-2 returns as the de facto Gunpla for comparison. ^^

Given its extended width and completely flat surface, this pack's display base turns out to be the most suitable one to hold BB Senshi Gundam RX-78-2. ^^

So, despite its own flaw, this pack actually comes with a cool little hidden advantage. ^^

Will be opening another box from this gashapon set in the future, but not so soon. ^^

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