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Sega Prize Eva Racing Premium RQ Figure Mari Makinami Illustrious

First Mari of the year

Cutie of the month. ^^

Sega Prize Eva Racing Premium RQ Figure Mari Makinami Illustrious
Production company: SegaPrize!
Release date: Mid December 2013
Price: -
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This is Eva Racing Premium RQ Figure Mari Makinami Illustrious, a prize item-type fixed figurine from SegaPrize!. Besides its product nature, manufacturer and overall size, the back story in getting this figurine is very much identical to that of PM Figure Mari (Ver 1.5) reviewed last year. ^^ This figurine just popped up suddenly on a local hobby website that I visit frequently as a ready stock, and for its relatively low price, I picked it up in a heartbeat. ^^

Prior to getting this figurine, I have seen cosplay of Mari in race queen outfit. Since there were such cosplay design for Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu long before the introduction of Mari, I supposed it's just inevitable for the latter to be "inducted" into the race queen line. XD Then again, since pink is quite a sexy color, designing an appealing sexy race queen costume for Mari shouldn't be a difficult task I assume. ^^ For that reason, I believe this Sega Prize version is just one of the many race queen designs out there, just for Mari. ^^ It's probably a good thing that not too many companies are rushing out with figurine releases for Mari at the moment, or it would be a constant struggle for me to consider which one to get, and which one to let go. ^^;

Front view of the box.

Product label: Eva Racing Premium RQ Figure "Mari"

An emblem on the top left corner of the box's front face showing this is a prize item that adheres to the standards set by Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association, Inc (JAMMA).

Left and right side views of the box, which feature an illustration of Mari in the race queen outfit design of this figurine.

(Left) Emblem of "EVA 5", depicting the numbering of Mari's Plugsuit I suppose.
(Right) A very retro-looking emblem of the Eva Racing series. ^^

Top and bottom views of the box.

Product info on the back of the box.

A simple pictorial instruction on attaching the umbrella handle to the figurine's hand can be seen on the back of the box.

Package content.

More images of the figurine as seen through the front window:

Closeups on the details:



The little seal near the edge of Mari's skirt is referring to RUN'A Entertainment Inc., the company that has been continuing its participation in Japanese motorcycle races with Eva-themed racing bikes, including at last year's Suzuka 8 hours Endurance Road Race. ^^





Comparison with PM Figure Mari (Ver 1.5):

This RQ Figure version depicts a much more playful-looking Mari, as compared to her shy PM Figure (Ver 1.5) self. ^^

The PM Figure (Ver 1.5) box is slightly bigger.

Comparison with Megahouse's RAH DX Lunamaria Hawke:

While sexy is definitely the best word to describe the figurine, I think the race queen outfit design is quite clever in incorporating as much of the design elements on Mari's pink Plugsuit, without being awkward. ^^ In a way, this would seem like the most "straight-forward" rendition of Mari's pink Plugsuit as her race queen costume. ^^

Overall, this is a very lovely figurine, with sculpt work, detailing and paint application quality as good as those qualities on PM Figure Mari (Ver 1.5) reviewed last year. The glossy pink paint work on the costume is quite refreshing to see, ^o^ but since the whole figurine is just so well done and beautiful to begin with, that paint work is not exact a super special positive point that needs extra emphasis. ^^

Just like the box of PM Figure Mari (Ver 1.5), the large clear plastic cover in front of this figurine's box is mighty helpful for Mari to be seen easily, although by not removing her, it's not possible to attach the umbrella handle to her hand. It's a minor display feature that I didn't care much actually, so I'm perfectly happy with keeping the figurine inside her box. ^^

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Sega Prize Eva Racing Premium RQ Figure Mari Makinami Illustrious

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