Tuesday, February 17, 2015

S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade King Form Part 3

Typical design

A look at S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade King Form's articulation design after the previous posting. ^^

Tilting the head upward and downward can be done easily, but the effect is not obvious.

Horizontal tilt is not a problem at all for the head.

While its neck joint is of ball-type, its range of movement is quite restricted.

The neck itself is actually a separate piece beneath the head, but it offers little help to the component's articulation anyway. ^^;

The upper body can be bent forward and rearward.

The edge of the back armor hitting the belt limits the figure's backward bend.

Side-to-side bend is very easy with the upper body.

The abdominal joint is obviously of ball-type, and a flexible one at all, since the upper body can be bent to a wide range of angles fairly easily.

The shoulder armors are attached to the body via small ball-type joints, but due to their enclosing design, their posability is restricted.

The shoulder armor is detached to reveal the ball-type joint used to link it to the body.
The ball-hinge combinational joint design of the shoulder joint can be seen as well.

The interior of the shoulder armors are molded with "L" and "R" to mark the sides they belong to.

Given the shoulder armor design, the upward lift of the arm from the side of the body is limited, but not overally restricted.

The shoulder joints also allow the arms to move to the front and to the back.

The upper arm moves separately from the shoulder joint, and the forearm can swivel around the elbow joint as well.

90-degree elbow bend.

Restricted ball-type movement for the wrist.

Pretty wide expansion for the hip joints.

The leg can be lifted forward for a full 90 degrees.

The thigh is capable of swiveling around the hip joints.

Flexible articulation range for the knee that allows it to be bent close to 180 degrees. ^^

The silver knee armor that is fixed on top the knee joint and moves together with it helps to conceal the joint to some degree when it's bent. ^^

Wide vertical bending range for the ankle joint via its hinge component.

Either foot can be swivelled from side to side quite flexibly via the ankle joint's straight peg.

With its standard, but still impressive hip, knee and ankle articulation range, the figure is capable of performing a very natural-looking kneeling pose. ^^

Some action poses from Kamen Rider Blade King Form to further demonstrate its well-designed articulation. XD

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

The review series on this Kiwami Damashii action figure will resume after the first few days of Chinese New Year, with another batch of action poses from it to be shown off. ^^

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